Is there a “Garter Stitch Month?”

I have always loved knitting in garter stitch. Not just plain garter stitch, but also mosaic, lace, and other useful tricks with this bumpy buddy. My newest and completed garter stitch project is the Zaria shawl I need to mail to my mom ASAP.

The band of lace on this design is easy to create although it looks rather complex. This was such a fun knit. However, if I ever make this again, I’ll make it a little bit bigger. I followed the pattern yet wound up with leftover yarn for some reason. In case you’re curious, the variegated yarn is Malabrigo Sock in the color way Arcoiris and the gray yarn is Regia Sock.

As soon as I bound off Zaria I got working on a Hitchhiker for myself, yet another scarf that is all garter goodness. This has inspired me to wonder if there is a month devoted to garter stitch. I have googled and come up with nothing. So, I think somebody with some clout needs to dedicate a month to it.


Generous knitting and selfish crochet

The brown crochet top-down sweater I made up all by myself is drying. That one is for my partner. I want one, too, so I got going on it straight away, using Cascade fingering in the color way Jack O’Lantern. I’m very happy with this shade, which will show off the texture of the stitch patterns even more. I’m also happy with how the yarn feels. It’s very soft and drapes even better than the brown yarn does.


I’ve also cast on the Zaria shawl for my mom, which I should have started months ago. It was going to be her birthday gift. I’m sorry, mom! I started off making a shawl from another pattern and it wasn’t right, so I searched for another one. I’m very happy with Zaria.


Right now I’m still in the garter stitch part of the pattern. The yarn is Malabrigo Sock in the color way Arcoiris. Now, only one hank of Malabrigo remains in my stash. I love making shawls and scarves with it, so I might just order some more pretty soon. For the lace section I’m going to use a light gray sock yarn which I think will show off the stitchery very nicely.

If you look at my in-progress photos often, you might notice that I have different needles. KnitPro (or Knitter’s Pride) Symfonies usually can be seen in my pictures of garments and other things while Hiya-Hiya sharp circulars are often in my sock photos. For years, Symfonies have been the only needles I’ve wanted to knit with. I like their semi-sharp tips and the feel of them in my hands. I started to change my mind about them as all-purpose when I was in the middle of my blue lace scarf. For some reason, and at least according to my subjective observation, the 3 mm Symofonies, just like the US size 2’s, have blunter tips than on the larger sizes, making increasing and decreasing a real pain. I decided to give KnitPro Karbonz a try because I needed sharper points, but not too sharp to stab myself and bleed. The Karbonz are now my favorite for lace knitting. They get the job done and, as I prefer knitting “continental” style, I don’t have to worry about accidentally stabbing my finger tips. I bought interchangeable needles in the sizes that I use most often for lace knitting. If anyone else has been looking for needles with that “just right” tip – neither too sharp nor too blunt – Karbonz could be the solution. The nice thing is that they work with the same cables as Symfonies, so if you already have KnitPro (or Knitter’s Pride or Knit Picks, all the same) cables or an interchangeable set of Symfonies, there is no need to buy new cables.


Pineapple Shawl: WIP SMACKDOWN

Actually, I finished and blocked the pineapple shawl I was crocheting last Saturday. Another WIP has been smacked off my list of in-progress projects.

By the way, you may not know this, but if you wash something and lay it out flat to dry, you block. So, if you do this activity to your knit and crochet projects, please don’t tell me you don’t block. It is not necessary to get out a bazillion pins and fuss with your finished project for 50 hours to block something. When I wet block, I hardly ever have the need or urge to pin the living daylights out of my project. I didn’t do that for this shawlette, either. I washed it and while it was wet I laid it out flat on a towel to dry, smoothing out the wrinkles and making sure the pineapples all looked the same size.

It is so much easier to see the pineapples now that it isn’t all wrinkled!

It’s been ready to be sent off for almost a week now. I can’t decide when I want to drop it in the mail.

Today I fidgeted with different background colors and photographed it. This is the best photo out of the 20,000 I took. It seems a yellow towel was necessary to show off the different shades of blue to full effect.


I’m not really happy with the photo but this is the best I could do to get it at least useful enough to see the design clearly.

As I said in a previous post, I didn’t have enough yarn to give it a border, but it really doesn’t need one. The double-v stitches on the edges are elegant enough.

And now back to crocheting my sweater! I’m almost ready to start making the sleeves.


Three pairs of socks

I set a goal for myself: By June I’d have six pairs of socks completed. It didn’t happen. It’s logical because every time I set a knitting goal for myself I do not follow through. I have finished a lot of sweaters this year, after all.

The nice thing about goals is that they can be subjected to reassessment. I have reassessed my goal as unrealistic for this year so it is now in the trash.

I’m very happy with my socks. It’s too hot to wear them so I haven’t washed and blocked them yet. I’ll get around to that after I prep the last wool sweater for summer storage.

You might recall that the red socks have quite the history. I originally wanted to try a triangles stitch pattern but I didn’t like it so I went for cables. Then, I ran out of yarn. Last month I ordered more red sock yarn and finished them. The neon striped socks were really fun to knit as were the Arne and Carlos self-patterning socks that are to the left of the red ones. The red socks aren’t exactly looking good in the photo. Did you know it’s really difficult to photograph red things? I got fed up and left them as they were in the picture. The other two pair look fantastic.

Of course, I started a new pair of socks last night. This time I found a skein of Cascade Heritage Prints. More self-patterning yarn! I’ll post about them next week when we can really appreciate the pattern that emerges.

I missed WIP Wednesday so here is my sister’s crochet pineapple shawl in progress.

I’m happy with how it’s developing. I started with one pineapple panel and two shell panels. I then increased to three pineapples and then rapidly to seven. Now on every repeat I add one pineapple panel to each end of the shawl. I like how the self-striping yarn makes it a little difficult to see the pineapples but then they’re noticeable with a more careful inspection.

So, whew! Finally some FOs to share. This weekend, if I don’t drink any alcohol, I think I’ll work on my blue knitted lace scarf. Have fun, everybody!

Let the yarn do all the work

Last Friday I finished my mom’s shawlette or scarf or whatever the heck it should be called. It’s a Trillian by Martina Behm. As previously posted, I used Schoppel Laceball in the color way Rosa Träume. It was a very relaxing and mindless knit. In fact, I got a bit bored knitting it. Today I got a few nice photos of it outside despite the cloudy skies:

The striping effect is beautifully dramatic and I know my mom will love it. And now my Christmas knitting is complete! Tomorrow is December 1 so it’s time for me to get going on the Grinch-a-long.