Another WIP bites the dust

Well, actually two are now finished. My roll up tool case is done and I’ve decided to keep it for myself. It’s really useful for working on projects in the living room because I don’t have to spend time searching for hooks and needles anymore. I leave this on the coffee table, open it, and there’s the thing I need to continue working on something. This system, of course, relies on me being thoughtful enough to return a tool to the case when I’m finished using it. So far so good!

I changed my mind about some things, obviously. I decided not to sew a binding to the edges of the knitting because once I got the liner and pockets done I was simply happy with how it looked without the extra decoration. When I sewed the pockets I opted for a denim look with light colored thread. I also put a backing on the pockets so that each one has two compartments, allowing them to hold more stuff.

Another thing I love about this roll up tool case is that I could do all the sewing with a machine. The knitting was fine enough not to get jammed up under the sewing machine’s foot. I will use this cheap and handy cotton yarn again and again. I think it only took me an hour to cut the fabric, iron it, and sew it.

I’ve also finished a pair of socks. They aren’t blocked but I consider them finished. If you’re a fan of The Knitmore Girls and believe a project isn’t officially finished until it’s blocked, well, that’s your thing. I disagree with this rule. It’s done when I say it is.


My reason for not blocking them, or the other three pairs of socks I’ve finished recently, are that 1) it’s summer, a time when I don’t wear wool socks and 2) I have so many wool socks now that I can leave the blocking until later indefinitely.

Two WIPs down, a few more to go and I’m out of the woods with this lunacy. Have a great weekend! I’m nearing the finish line on my sister’s shawl and then on to getting a cross stitch pumpkin done.


Almost almost finished

It’s amazing what happens when the world leaves you alone so you can really get going on some knitting.

This morning I talked about my mosaic project. I didn’t know what it would become. After saying “I’m not cooking” and ordering a pizza, everything just took care of itself.

First of all, the knitting is done. Second, before deciding firmly on what the mosaic rectangle would become, I took a peak in my fabric stash to see what I had. You see, if I didn’t have anything in my fabric stash, I might have speedily concluded that the mosaic rectangle would become a table runner. However, I found the perfect fabric to line it and create pockets. Behold my theoretical roll-up tool organizer:


It’s night so I’ve had to use some artificial light, but I think you can still appreciate all the difference having the right fabric has made in my decision. The dark blue fabric will definitely go around the outside to frame the mosaic pattern. From here, I’m not sure. I might use the light blue patterned fabric as the inside liner and the dark blue for pockets. On the other hand, maybe I’d prefer to do the reverse. I feel like the piece needs more dark blue. This is why I wasn’t thrilled with the colors in my knitting. The white yarn is too bright and doesn’t contrast enough with the light blue yarn. Anyway, the fabric will make all the difference.

Tomorrow I shall spend some time cutting and ironing fabric. Then, to the sewing machine!


Not quite finished

Today I only had to teach one class in the morning so now I am free to do whatever I want. I decided this morning to work on my mosaic knitting rectangle. I think with a couple more pattern repeats this will be taking a direct flight to done city.


I’m still not 100% certain about what I want to do with this, but I’m considering either using it as a table runner or turning it into a rolled up storage case for my most often used tools. I’m not really happy with the colors, though, so I’m leaning towards table runner a little more. On the other hand, I was thinking that in the future I could knit another roll up in better colors with a different mosaic design and switch them out. Two is better than one, I suppose. Another idea would be to just give this to someone who wants it and likes the colors for a roll up storage case.

I have finished two more pumpkins although the pumpkin project itself isn’t really done. I think they’re pretty cool.

I’m so glad it’s the weekend!

More mosaic knitting!

I actually finished this a while ago but didn’t bother to photograph it. Here it is:

Photo Jun 27, 2 01 44 PM

I’m not too sure what I’m going to do with it but just in case I used a provisional cast on and left the stitches live at the top. I used various mosaic charts from Barbara Walker’s Treasury of Knitting Patterns series. I’ll probably combine it with another block and combine them to create something cool. The photo looks a little washed out but in case you can’t tell, the colors are bright pink and neon yellow. I’m really happy with how the sun in the middle looks.

I finished another Spare Pocket, this time I customized it

I’ve made my pattern Spare Pocket customizable for people who want to knit something other than stripes. I put a mathematical formula to use for customized bags in the pattern at the very end, in an appendix. I’m a very big fan of mosaic patterns and I really like mosaic designs in garter stitch. My customized bag is slightly bigger than the original striped pattern, big enough to carry my iPad. I used Barbara Walker’s “Trend” mosaic pattern for this one.

Photo Jun 23, 5 08 55 PM Photo Jun 23, 5 10 24 PM

That’s about all the bag knitting I’m going to do for a while. I’ve already casted on a vanilla sock.


Summah knitting mojo

That’s how we Mainahs say “summer.” It’s SUMMAH. In Spain we say verano.

My “summah” or “verano” knitting mojo is starting to kick in. It’s beautiful weather, I’ve got some steaks marinating, I’m wearing shorts, and I’m motivated to knit. This afternoon I’ve been working on my mosaic Spare Pocket. I’ve got to the shoulder strap so I expect this bag to be done soon. Then I will add the appendix to the pattern so that any mosaic pattern can be used instead of the stripes. The stitch pattern I chose, from Barbara Walker’s Third Treasury of Knitting Patterns, is called “trend.” I really like how the bag is knitting up with the Katia New Cancun yarn:

Photo Jun 19, 4 20 59 PM

I’ve said that my knitting mojo is “kicking” in because it’s not back in full swing just yet. When I’m knitting the way I usually do, I have one of each of the following projects in progress at the same time:

1) garment (usually a sweater)

2) sock

3) accessory (bag, scarf, shawl)

4) crochet project

I don’t have any socks in progress and no crochet going. My mosaic blanket has been put in time out for about 8 months and so I don’t think it counts as a project in progress. I think scrap yarn is even holding the live stitches for it.

This weekend I want to get going on the final sleeve of Arguyle. I’ve left it untouched for quite a few weeks.

Time to grill some steaks.

Last week when the temperatures dropped

It’s still too hot to knit big items, of course. As promised by the weather forecast it’s hotter than it was yesterday. Tomorrow it will be even hotter. Around here we say in Spanish “hace un calor que te torras” (“It’s so hot you’re roasting.”) My knitting hour is approaching. Jaywalker is waiting!

Last week when it was nice and cool I knocked off a few more rows of my mosaic blanket. Please accept my apologies for the yucky photo. I just couldn’t get enough light to shine on the darn thing in the right way so that the dark sections and the light sections could be equally visible. Anyway, Barbara Walker’s “Continued-Strip Mosaic Sampler” is just what I needed to whittle down the stash of acrylic yarn that the neighbor gave me. As you can see from my crummy photo you just go round and round and the blanket gets bigger and bigger:

The mosaic knitting patterns I’ve used so far, from the middle square outwards, respectively, are: “Arabesque, ” from Charted Knitting Designs: A Third Treasury of Knitting Patterns, “Wave,” from A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns, and “Mosaic 40,” from A Fourth Treasury of Knitting Patterns.

I took a closeup of “Mosaic 40” to do it better justice. It just refused to show up well in a photo of the whole piece. Here it is:
As you can see from the pictures, as the blanket gets bigger the more scrunched up it gets when using flat needles. I could not, of course, get the center square to lie flat for a photo because of this. My next outer strip will be knit flat on a big circular needle, I think.
I will use this “pattern” for a blanket again (is it a pattern? perhaps a technique?). However, I will start with a smaller square in the middle next time to make it even more busy. This blanket is, aside from using up the acrylic yarn I’ve inherited, an excuse to try out whatever mosaic pattern from Barbara Walker’s books. I think it’s rather fun to just boldly use whatever colors on each strip, too. For each new round I close my eyes and grab two balls of yarn from the bin. For the first square and the first strip one of those balls happened to be white twice in a row. Look at what the third blind dive into the bin got me!
This blanket may have a future as a colorful, uncoordinated monstrosity, but it’s my monster. As a matter of fact, I’m sort of reveling in its potential to become a decoration disaster. It’ll definitely be something to casually use around the house, perhaps hidden from view, like a sinister knitting secret. Wahaha!