So done Saturday!

I was in Madrid yesterday, which means I did not get the chance to post about my latest FO, which is a sweater. It’s an Alice Starmore design called “St. Enda”

I haven’t blocked it yet (meaning I haven’t washed it and laid it out flat to dry), so it isn’t “just so,” and I was in a hurry to take the darn photo so I didn’t fuss with getting the sleeves to sit exactly right on my arms, but here’s a general idea of how it looks on me (I love it!).


I guess I kind of like the fact that the sleeves are turned out a bit so you can appreciate both the underside and “top” end of them. The background texture is just as beautiful as the cables, don’t you think?

This is the second time I’ve done a saddle shoulder, and I learned from my first experience. This time, I made the sleeves a bit longer so it the sweater doesn’t ride up on my shoulders and doesn’t give my sleeves that “high water” effect. I can raise my arms up in the air and still have enough sleeve to cover my arms without the whole jumper riding up. I imagine I can also wear a coat over it without having it ride up, either.

Of course, I didn’t follow the instructions for finishing (haha!). I didn’t bind off the stitches for the back or the front and I used garter stitch selvage on the ends of my rows. I did bind off the sleeve caps. Instead of sewing the saddles on I just knit them on using the live stitches at the shoulders. I crocheted the sleeve caps to the body (it looks totally invisible) and I mattress stitched the side seams for the body. One of these days I should make a tutorial for crocheting parts of sweaters together when you have bound off edges. It’s so much easier than “fake grafting” and looks a lot more invisible.

Hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to have a look at all your crafting stuff. I’ve been behind on the blogging and the blog reading.


Not quite half a pair

For WIP Wednesday I have some progress to report on my Kalajokis. Feeling tired prevented me from finishing the toe on the first sock last night, so I’ve got almost one sock completed.


If you think the photo is blurry, you should see the other fifty million photos I took of it! I gave up because I have a job and other things to do. Besides, it’s not the completed project, it’s just a WIP.

I have not been monogamous with my socks. I have also been knitting on my Saint Enda sweater, and I’ve made it halfway up the first sleeve. The biscornu conveyor belt has also been worked on and on the weekend I did some more backstitching on my “Dragon of the Mountains.” The details on my dragon are certainly coming along slowly. In part, it’s intentional. I’m being very careful to make sure it looks “just so.” There is, however, a lot of detailing that is fiddly. The piece is only seven inches wide, but it might as well be a mural to cover the Great Wall of China.

Now wouldn’t that be a project to work up? A Great Wall of China cozy. While we’re at it, the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty could probably use a cozy or two, as well.

“Socks on a Sofa” FO

I’ve finished my version of “Socks on a Plane” which I call “Socks on a Sofa.” My version is different because, instead of the standard plane, I used a sofa; there’s a wedge heel without a flap; I started with more toe stitches; and I ended with more cuff stitches.

I think these were a pretty fast knit. They were also fun to make, which helps speed up the process, for sure.

WIP Wednesday, more of the same

I’ve got more of the same things on this WIP Wednesday, but the things are more finished.

First of all, I’ve been very slowly doing the backstitching and bead work on my “Dragon of the Mountains.” It’s very slow because it’s a lot of backstitching. You can see that the little details make all the difference, though. I don’t mind backstitching so I’m enjoying it. I also don’t mind putting on the beads because THEY’RE BEADS. How could I dislike that?

I’ve got the foot on my second sock almost done, which means it’s almost time to turn the heel.


WIPs: Biscornu conveyor belt and socks

I’m stitching away at my biscornu conveyor belt this week. At the top we have the “Winter Biscornu” and at the bottom the “Spring Biscornu,” two Barbara Ana designs.


You might recall that I’ve already made the “Autumn Biscornu” by the same designer. Actually, I’ve done it twice. I think I’ll just have to break down and buy her “Summer Biscornu” as well. My only beef with these biscornu patterns is that they cost about 5 dollars each and they are part of what the designer calls a series, meaning one for each season of the year, yet there are no package deals offered in the online shop. You have to buy each one individually and if you want all four well, you must pay up! Another thing that is kind of bizarre about these is that they are in a series but they are all different sizes. I think I like that, but it is rather odd. Usually a series is a little more uniform. They do all have something in common: They’re fun to stitch and they are whimsical. In the end, I’ll get my money’s worth out of them because I plan to make a lot of them to give away as gifts to people. I’m not just keeping them to myself! They really look good sitting on a coffee table, too, or I could imagine displaying them in a cabinet.

I’ve also been knitting my “Socks on a Sofa” which is my version of “Socks on a Plane.” I got one sock finished and have started the next one of the pair.


My Tunisian crochet afghan is not being worked on at the moment, but I’ll no doubt add some rounds to it this weekend. I want it done. I just get bored with stitching long rounds on it.

A lot of WIP activity

I’ve started rotating projects and crafts again, so it’s nice to show off progress on multiple items. It is quite satisfying to write up a post with so many categories and three different types of crafts. This kind of excitement (is that what it is? excitement?) doesn’t happen all the time on my blog.

Over the weekend I decided to return to my Tunisian crochet afghan. I only need to finish three more squares to get the outer purple stripe done and, after weaving in quite a few ends, I can get out the cro-hook and start Tunisian crocheting around and around.

Since I had some spare time to reflect over the weekend, I actually reflected, and then I was shocked and appalled when all my reflecting led me to the conclusion that I hadn’t bothered to cast on a sock since I finished my last pair in 2017. I immediately retrieved some self-striping sock yarn from the stash and perused some patterns. I had a gander at “Socks on a Plane,” and I enjoyed the photo and thought to myself, “Hmmm… that one little cable will take the boredom out of knitting multi-colored yarn like this rather dull color way I’ve got here.” I scanned the pattern directions, saw the sizing, and said to myself, “I’ll have to adapt it to my vanilla sock.” Further scanning revealed that the designer instructs you to start at the toe, make a heel flap, starts with more toe stitches than I usually care for, etc. etc. etc. so I just closed the pdf pattern and made up my own version with my favorite wedge heel and my 24 toe stitches. There’s nothing really mysterious or complicated about this. You just slap a cable on a sock so it goes up the edge of the foot. I’m going to continue my cable into the ribbing on the cuff (not sure if the “Socks on a Plane” pattern does that or not). Anyway, I’m calling these things here “Socks on a Sofa:”


As you can see in the photo, I finished the whole foot, got the heel wedged up and turned, and I’m on the leg now. If I ever do this again, I might make the cable travel across the instep.

My “Dragon of the Mountains” cross stitch project is also coming along nicely. As previously mentioned, I began to run out of Kreinik thread and discovered I hadn’t purchased enough of it for my other two dragons I’ve got planned, either. I ordered more and mistakenly went with the cheaper option of online shops. It was a store in Italy that was quick to take my money and very slow to send out my order. I figured out that they were dragging their heels because they were waiting to restock an item I asked for and that it would take 21 days (ACK!) for this item to be back in stock. I waited a few days and then wrote them, canceling that item, hoping that if I eliminated it from my order I would get my stuff already (HMPH!). It then took them another 24 hours to get my stuff shipped.  In all, they sat on my order for an entire week. I was also very irritated because I ordered A LOT OF STUFF and the total I spent was considerable. I felt I was deserving of receiving the things they had in stock now and then get the other item in a separate shipment later. Since I feel this way, I might not use them again, although who knows? The prices were really good and I could see myself ordering things I’m not in a hurry to receive. I’ll just have to be cautious and not order anything out of stock. Also, in all fairness, this on line shop looks like it’s a family business out of a little country house, so there’s that. This could give me all the more reason to order from them again. They’re fighting the good fight, this family, competing with Amazon and all.

Anyway, back to my “Dragon of the Mountains.” He now has his fireball flying out of his mouth and a border now goes all the way round him. I just have to add the Kreinik metallic X’s to the border and then I can get on with backstitching and adding the beads (yay! beads!).


Also, I’m very happy to show you those spools of gold thread. I got my gold thread just in time! One is about to run on empty and I’ve got a recharge at the ready. Woot!