It’s been done for a while

Here I am on a Sunday night, posting something, finally! Work time is subtracting from my hobby time as it usually does this time of year, so not much blogging, not much reading blogs, not much stitching, either.

As you might already know, I was very monogamously knitting a sweater for my partner. I finished it a few days ago. I wanted him to model it for me to take a photo for the blog, but he was unwilling. He was too shy, even if I cropped out his face. So, I had to photograph it lying out on a table. I took lots of photos, with the iPhone and the real camera. I decided to go with the best of the iPhone photos, in the end, because it captures the color the best. I think the most accurate way to describe this color is “purply-blue.” It’s a dark blue with some purple highlights. Anyway, here is my completed “Aran Pullover,” from an out-of-print book I bought when it was popular and in-print.


It took me about a month to knit this, plus a week or two.

Fellow knitters, just look at what we can accomplish if we don’t get distracted! I wouldn’t wish this on any of you! I hope you feel free to pick up and knit whatever you feel like. However, this project was an eye opener for me. If I spent less time switching projects I’d finish things a lot faster. The only thing is: I only concentrated on this project because the wearer wants his sweaters ASAP. No dilly-dallying unless you want to hear, “What happened to that sweater you were making for me?”

José is very pleased with his jumper and has already worn it. I am very pleased that it is finished and I can go work on something else. I feel like making something easy and alternating that with some cross stitch I want to get caught up on.


WIP Wednesday: A sleeve

When I photographed this sleeve this morning it was still on my needles. Now, as I’m writing this, it is bound off and set aside and the second sleeve has been started. This means I am not far from the finish on this Aran sweater for my partner.


The photo isn’t very good because I took it with my phone, but oh well, that’s life. You can also see my new yarn bowl, which the sweater’s future wearer bought for me at Tiger last week. He thought I deserved a yarn bowl. I couldn’t agree more!

Maybe next week we’ll be admiring this sweater as a finished object. That would be nice. I want to work on something else.

SAL Update: Not working on it

“Pandora’s Box,” a blackwork sampler I selected to work on for the SAL, has not been worked on. As you know, I focused on the Aran sweater I’ve been knitting for my partner. If you want to see a photo of what I’ve completed on “Pandora’s Box” feel free to have a look. It’s really wonderful, if I do say so myself! Work on it will resume once the sweater is done and over with!

I am the most disappointing member of a group of people who regularly discuss their stitching progress. Other participants have actually done something, so go look at their stuff!

The Aran sweater and only the Aran sweater

I’ve continued to exclusively work on my partner’s Aran sweater, which is from a very nice out-of-print pattern. When you only work on one project and never get distracted to knit something else, the one project gets finished faster. It’s an amazing miracle.

So, since I have remained faithful to the one project, the front and back of this pullover are completed and I have knit the shoulders together.

I am not following the directions for finishing as written in the pattern – as with most patterns in which the knitter is asked to knit various pieces flat and sew them together. I didn’t bind off any shoulder stitches when I finished each piece nor did I bind off the neck stitches on the back piece. Quite naturally, I followed all directions for binding off stitches on the front neck for proper shaping (naturally!). When I finished the front and back I counted up the number of shoulder stitches for the front as indicated in the pattern and then just used the handy three-needle bind-off for each shoulder. Easy. When it comes time to knit the collar I’ll pick up the few stitches that were bound off and decreased for shaping and put the rest of the live stitches on the needles with them.

I’ve started a sleeve, too.


If I have time, I can get this sleeve done by the end of the week and start the other one.

How have I managed to only focus on this sweater and not get distracted? I have two secrets: 1) a wearer who lets me know he wants his sweater finished sooner than later; 2) when I get it done I won’t have to knit on it anymore!


SAL Update for “Pandora’s Box” no progress!

Welcome to yet another post for the SAL. I haven’t been working on my project. It looks exactly the same as last time, see?


The reason why I haven’t touched “Pandora’s Box” — if you have a dirty mind, go ahead! laugh! — is because I have been feverishly knitting José’s sweater. I’ll be updating on the sweater status soon enough in another blog post. I’ve devoted my crafting time exclusively to this sweater because the yarn is DK and the pattern is cabled, which means it isn’t a fast project to work up. The wearer, who is my darling husband, is handsome, loving, and very impatient about getting his handmade sweaters ASAP. I honestly do not mind this attitude of his because it means he’s enthusiastic about the sweaters I make for him. He wears them and is always excited about getting a new one. If he catches me cross stitching he’ll be like, “What about my sweater?” Anyway, “Pandora’s Box” is on hold and I am just a knitter and nothing more for the time being!

Just because I’m being a cross-stitching slacker does not mean my SAL friends should be ignored. Please go to their blogs and see what they’re working on. There are many beautiful projects being made all around the world!

Finished for a friend’s birthday

Well, I have another finished object for Friday. This is quite something! I knit a hat for a friend who celebrated her birthday this week. She is a non-knitter but very deserving of handmade gifts. I used a leftover skein of Rowan Pure Wool Superwash I had in my stash. The pattern I followed is called “Skelter.” This product may seem overpriced. I still remember the thought process I went through a couple years ago when I considered buying it. I was hesitant and thought about it for maybe a week before I finally broke down and let go of my money.


I’ll definitely make more of these hats in the future, so I suppose I’ll get my money’s worth out of it. I’m sort of feeling guilty because I bought the pattern so long ago and hadn’t bothered to use it until now! But, maybe I can feel less guilty today and in the future. Besides, it’s a great pattern for using a spare skein of worsted weight yarn that you’ve got lying around.

Also, to give the designer some credit, it’s a solid pattern. The instructions are clear and assume the knitter is totally ignorant about everything, including how to make a pompom on the cheap. I used my pompom maker to make my pompom, but you don’t need one to make one. Another thing I like about “Skelter” is the way the decreases are incorporated into the main stitch pattern. As you can see in the photo, the cables gradually slim down all the way up the crown.