And the scarf gets more colors

I’ve been knitting my “Trillian” scarf with Done Roving sock yarn in the evenings. This Martina Behm pattern, like so many of her designs, is just a two-row repeat, so it’s easy to memorize and just zip back and forth on it. I’ve come up to the purple shades in the multi-colored yarn, as well, which is exciting; at least for me it’s exciting. Another color coming up on a self-striping ball of yarn never gets old for me.


I usually re-watch an episode or two of Grimm while I knit this. I forgot what most of the episodes are about, so it’s sort of like watching something I never saw, but I did see it. Does anyone else ever have the feeling that nothing more will fit in their brain? I think mine is full and doesn’t retain plots anymore.



SAL Update: “Pandora’s Box” with more boxes!

In the past week I’ve stopped commuting. This means I’ve had more time at home to work on larger projects. Thanks to this, “Pandora’s Box” now has two more completed squares, or boxes.

Of the two squares, the most tedious was the Assisi pattern, which took me about ten hours to complete. Believe it or not, it requires two colors. I know, I should say “colors” because the two DMC numbers used in it are 310, which is black, and 53, which is a gray-scale multi. The cross stitching goes by pretty fast. It’s the back stitching that was a lot of work, made more complicated because the chart has mistakes in it. Fortunately, if there is anything positive about pattern errors, they were easy to catch because the design is symmetrical.

I think the terrible thing about the newly added Assisi pattern is that I don’t like it very much and I spent so much time working on it. I feel like I’ve been robbed. However, in the overall composition of the sampler, it doesn’t take away from its beauty, so that’s something to be thankful for.

The final square of this row is another Assisi pattern that looks much better. I’m getting going on it today. Then, I think I’ll do some more border work and stitch up some more squares.

Check out what my SAL buddies are up to. They have some truly wonderful projects in progress.



I have absolutely no work until mid-August! It’s so nice to be on vacation. Traveling to Madrid this summer is making me grateful to just stay home while on vacation. I don’t care about beaches, piña coladas, nothing.

With all this free time I’ve been working on my craft projects a lot more. This first photo looks like an almost FO. It almost is. All it needs is some washing, ironing, and sewing into a throw pillow. That won’t be happening for a long time. I need to get two more dragons done and decide how I want to sew the throw pillows up first. However, we can celebrate how all the back stitching and embellishments are done on this “Dragon of the Mountains.”


Yesterday I made some progress on my “Celtic Wheel,” a cross stitch project I haven’t even looked at since February or so.


Also, I decided to cast on a Trillian, a pattern by Martina Behm. I’m using my Done Roving sock yarn from my last visit to the USA. Done Roving is small yarn company from Maine, my home state. 🙂


FO: Kalajoki socks

I finished my turquoise “Kalajoki Socks” and I think they look marvelous with a freshly mopped and dried floor as their background.


And now I need to figure out what I want to start knitting next. I’m considering a scarf with some really colorful sock yarn I bought in Maine. Well, technically, I bought it just across the border in Dover, NH, but the yarn is from Maine.

Still not sewing the biscornus

I got the stitching done on my summer biscornu.


I still haven’t got going on the sewing for the biscornus just yet. Also, I’ve decided to get the back stitching done on my “Dragon of the Mountains” and work more on “Pandora’s Box.”

Meanwhile, I need to figure out what I want to do for my next knitting project. I have lots of cool yarn to play with, I just can’t make up my mind.

Crabs brandishing watermelon slices

The biscornu saga continues. I’ve acquired some new patterns, including Barbara Ana’s “Summer Biscornu.” It features crabs waving watermelon slices around. I had doubts about buying this one — mostly because I hate seagulls. Where I’m from, we call them “rats with wings.” I’ve made pretend they aren’t “dirty birds” and that seems to be working.

Anecdote: I grew up in southern Maine, on the coast. Down the street from our house was a diner called “The Seagull Diner.” We locals used to call it “The Dirty Bird.” These days, the diner is gone. I think the whole time that place was open for business no member of my family — or I — ate anything from there. When we didn’t have a phone we used the pay phone there, though. So, a diner only useful for its phone booth in the times predating cellular service.

Anyway, the crabs are really funny, which also makes me forget about the seagulls. I’m enjoying the new lugana fabric I’ve acquired. It makes stitching so much easier because it’s very stiff.


This is “biscornu conveyor belt” number 3. The first two are filled with winter and spring biscornus and waiting to be ironed, cut and sewn together.

So far I have one spring, two winter, and almost half of a summer biscornu. My goal is to make two of each of the spring, winter, and summer ones so I can keep one of each and give the others away. I already have the autumn biscornu for my own collection so I’ll make just one of those to give away.

I bought two other biscornu patterns by Tiny Modernist: The “Butterfly Biscornu” and “Cassette Biscornu.” These will also be made as gifts for others. I already bought the thread for them so I suppose I’m as enthusiastic as usual.

SAL Update: “Pandora’s Box”

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I’ve been traveling back and forth between Valladolid (where I live) and Madrid (yes, the capital of Spain). Thanks to high-speed rail it’s just an hour to get there and another hour to get back. However, RENFE (the name of Spain’s public train company) can’t provide me with the time and comfort required to stitch away on a 20″ frame. The passengers sitting next to me would not tolerate me smacking them in the face with it as I swung it this way and that to grab another length of thread or bury an end or two. As you might recall from my last update, I had finished a square and maybe two rows of the next square. Now, that “next square” has a few more rows added to it. That’s about it.

Photo Jul 07, 20 59 19

Another thing you might be able to deduce if you read my blog regularly is: This summer is such a huge crafting disappointment for me. I’m very thankful, though, that this summer is most definitely not a disappointment at all. In fact, it’s a wonderful summer. I just had stitchy plans. I wanted to thread crochet and cross stitch a lot more than I am doing. I am confident that the train trips will stop soon, which is wonderful. I really want to work on Pandora’s Box more. I actually miss stitching on it regularly.

The traveling has allowed me to cross stitch smaller projects and soon I’ll have some photos of my “biscornu conveyor belts.” That’s right, it’s now plural, meaning there’s more than one. It’s easy to tote a smaller frame around, thankfully!

You should definitely check out what other SAL participants are up to. A lot of them aren’t caught up in the high-speed rail dimension I was sucked into.