When the NOTHING descended on my FO Friday


That moment in The Neverending Story when the Empress can’t take it anymore: Her world is being destroyed by the Nothing and she has become so powerless. Or was she crying because she had to lay her last ounce of hope on a little skinny boy and a huge, flying, comical dog? Maybe this is when she finds out the horse went down in the quicksand. Oh well, it’s the Nothing’s fault, regardless.

It’s sort of like my knitting and crochet. I think I got myself too spoiled, brandishing this and that FO on my blog. I’ve got NOTHING! Partly because of work, partly because I have too many responsibilities at home, somewhat because I’m in a moment when I’m working on afghans which take forever, and so on. I did manage to finish a sock and start the other half of the pair. I have indeed finished a couple of pairs of socks (a week ago) but I’ve decided I’d rather photograph a bunch of pairs of finished socks all at once because it’s occurred to me that if it takes an hour to photograph one pair of socks it probably takes the same to photograph like, I don’t know, five or six pairs of socks. I think it would be cool to finish pair number six in June, maybe have twelve finished for the year by December.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. I’m going to enjoy it and make some progress on my projects. You know, perhaps knit and crochet the NOTHING away.



5 thoughts on “When the NOTHING descended on my FO Friday

  1. handmade habit May 12, 2017 / 10:40 pm

    The Neverending Story is one of my favourites (the drowning horse was the first time I ever cried at a film). 🙂 Looking forward to reading more about the socks. Happy weekend and fiber-crafting, Tony!

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  2. MrsCraft May 13, 2017 / 12:10 am

    We will look forward to seeing the socks! I’ve been a bit rubbish on the knitting front too and not completed anything this week.

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    • tonymarkp May 13, 2017 / 12:17 am

      It’s tough when you’ve got kids, a job, responsibilities. I don’t have children, so I can just imagine the choices you must make every day. Also, yarn crafting is so cyclical. If last year at some point you went on a “start all the things” binge, this year the FOs get hammered out. Or, if you went on a bender of several easy things in a row then got into a complex phase, it’s slow going. I’ve got afghanitis. I’ll never have more than one going at a time ever again. (I HOPE!)


  3. Tami May 13, 2017 / 4:36 pm

    Fantastic movie reference! I have never even considered doing a FO Friday post. I know myself and many projects that should be finished in a week end up being set aside because “I just know I can get this (insert any other project here) done along with the other one!”. In fact I’m about to do precisely that because I got an idea in my head to do yet another quickie project! I crochet in fits and starts. My hook is always fighting to keep the Nothing at bay – we just need to BELIEVE and everything will be fine, right???

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