Crochet marathon

Before I went to Holland I spent a lot of time crocheting things. By last Thursday I had finished three place mats, a trivet, and several octagons for my afghan. I think today I might work on attaching the octagons to the blanket so I can hide under it as I work on it because it is a very cold day. This morning when I got up for work the temperature was freezing, like 0 degrees Celsius freezing, which is 32 degrees Fahrenheit with some ice. Now it’s only slightly warmer. It’s very strange because before my trip I had already made a lot of headway on washing and storing the wool sweaters. I refuse to take them out to wear them. I’m getting by today with a store-bought acrylic cardigan that will do just fine. But I don’t want to like the cardigan. I have spoiled myself a lot with hand knit wool sweaters this past winter, after all, so if I start to like the mass-produced cardigan I will be shunning my own artistry.

I photographed my crocheted items before heading up north but I was very dissatisfied with the results so I tried again this morning. I’m still unhappy. However, I edited the older pictures and the newer pictures by playing with the colors and I think if I mix together the best of the old ones with the finest of the more recent photos we’ll see something at least pleasing to the eye.

The first thing I did was scatter my finished objects all over the table with a dark blue background, hoping that the yellows and oranges would stand out more. I like this picture because it really makes it look like I had a very productive week of crocheting.


The yellow place mat is in fact my “Woven Stitch Place Mat” pattern that I posted a couple of weeks ago.


The blue and beige place mat is made up of squares that encase circles which I got from the Leisure Arts Publication on how to turn circles into squares. The hexagons are for my dollar store afghan which I wrote about a bazillion centuries ago. The green place mat is not my favorite but it’s OK. I got the squares for it from a Harmony guide to crocheting. I won’t be making that one again, but the circles inside squares pattern is now a definite favorite. If you’d like the pattern you can buy it from here. I would recommend waiting for a sale because, although I do indeed want to make most of the things in the leaflet, it isn’t worth $8, especially since Leisure Arts has a sale with 40% (or more) off digital patterns every time there’s a holiday. I bought mine for $3 last year on July 4th.

This week in knitting I almost finished my second red cabled sock but I lost at the game of yarn chicken. Last night I ordered another skein of red Opal sock yarn. My only consolation is that I will only need enough yarn to finish the toe and, if I choose not to use cables, I’ll have enough yarn to make another pair of red socks.

I hope you’re enjoying your crochet and/or knitting!



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