New page dedicated to how-to’s

My WIPs are mostly the same on the knitting and crochet front. The blue lace scarf is longer and so is the Tunisian crochet afghan. My oak-colored Alec XL has half a sleeve done and I’ve advanced on my two pairs of socks, both of which are now on the-leg-of-the-second-sock stage.

This blog, though, is turning into a WIP. If you navigate to the home page for The Yarn Blabber you will see a new button labeled “HOW-TO’S” in which all of the tutorials or instructions for techniques and methods I ever posted can be easily navigated. I spent a great deal of time sifting through all of my blog posts to find all the ones I ever wrote that are “instructive,” in other words, that don’t really offer a pattern but rather a way of doing particular things. As I sifted through my posts I thought about ideas for new categories. In the future I think I’ll do some combing to make a page dedicated to food, another to patterns, and another perhaps to tips and advice. I only see one tutorial, or how-to, overlapping with a patterns category and that would be the tutorial on designing your own cowl, which came with a pattern included in the tutorial to show how all the math and stitch pattern decisions work together. Not a huge mystery, really, but I thought it would be helpful to grasp the concepts.

As I went about reading my four-year history I did notice that I have indeed offered plenty of free patterns to try out. I think a list of those will be my top priority for the near future (next time I have an hour to focus on it).


2 thoughts on “New page dedicated to how-to’s

    • tonymarkp March 22, 2017 / 11:43 pm

      It definitely makes me feel like I’m in control of this blog. BUT I look at the older stuff and say either “hey! I’m surprised that photo looks ok!” and “boooo, what a crappy photo!”

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