The WIP Report

Aside from the blue scarf I posted about over the weekend, I’ve been making progress on my socks and I have another Alec XL started.

Last night I turned the heel on my neon self-striping sock and over the weekend I completed the first of the pair of red cabled socks and casted on the second one right away. On Saturday morning I casted on the Alec XL sweater. The yarn of choice for the sweater is Rowan Pure Wool Worsted in the Oak color way. The socks, as you might recall, are Gründl Hot Socks (the self-striping ones) and the red socks are Opal 4-ply in a very cheerful red color way.

I have not been keeping to my “one pattern repeat a day” obligation, having skipped every day this week in favor of socks and my sweater. The reason is that I feel a bit too tired at the end of a working day to concentrate on the lace chart. I will persevere, though. Tomorrow is a pretty easy day of work so I think I’ll make up for my lost pattern repeats.

So far no crochet activity, but I keep thinking about doing some crochet, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be cracking out the Tunisian crocheted afghan soon enough.


One thought on “The WIP Report

  1. Anita March 9, 2017 / 3:35 am

    It’s fun to see projects slowly inch towards completion! (Even if that doesn’t happen every day.)

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