My WIPs aren’t worth the fuss

Today is Wednesday. That’s when we yarny bloggers talk about and photograph our lovely works in progress. Today, like most Wednesdays, I started working at 8 AM and finished working at 9:30 PM. So, let’s see, I’m super excited to talk about my WIPs, but they’re mostly the same old stuff and I, the-earning-my-bread-with-the-sweat-of-my-brow type, didn’t really feel like fussing with photos. Enter the Wednesday WIP text version — so totally vintage — with helpful links to photographs already posted to refresh your memory about my lovely WIPs — so totally not vintage. Also, you might notice that one thing I like to talk about just isn’t here in the WIP category. That means it’s finished. In fact, it’s already been worn by the wearer, before blocking, and now it’s drying on its blocking rack because I’m sly (and thank God, it looked so wrinkled and awful on the wearer). But that’s all for now. It isn’t FO Friday yet (please can Friday come faster? I’m tired.)

In the Paleolithic times I started crocheting a doily called “Elegant Pineapple.” It has this name because back in the vintage times Leisure Arts was all that and the convention of naming patterns something other than a number was just in its toddler stage, so there wasn’t this attempt at being all chic and stylish with the one word titles for patterns. Now we can enjoy knitting and crocheting such things with an unpronounceable word for a name. I’m waiting for the day Knitty publishes a pattern with a title like “ñlkjsaiwhtg.” Pattern titling is taking the path of baby naming these days. Anyway, I crocheted a couple more rounds on the swellegant doily I like to call “All Year Round and Another Year Too” and so I am approaching the finish line, but I got distracted. If this doily had a one word name I guess it would be something like “Crochetyoulongtime.”

That’s mostly because I’ve been working on my Tunisian crocheted squares afghan, which Trinidad, from the “Tejiendo de Corazón” YouTube channel, named, in her rebellious old skool style, “Manta de bebé 2” which is Spanish for “Baby blanket 2.” You might recall I mentioned I’ve adapted the pattern so it’s bigger and not for little babies, but rather big grown-ups.

I also casted on another vintage Star Motif sweater. This time the main color is blue. There’s no photo because it is not much right now. I’m starting with the sleeves again. If you want to see a photo of some ribbing with a few rows of stockinette stitch above, I’m sorry to disappoint you. However, you can Google pictures of the same thing. I’ll even wager there’s a blue one out there! I know, I know, I’m so lazy I didn’t even bother with a stock photo and call on you to enhance your reading with whatever photo (is that the same thing?)

My hexagon afghan has once again been abandoned for the time being. Just too many other things to knit and crochet. I’ll probably never finish it. Or maybe I will. Who knows? It is more than welcome to inhabit the afghan cubby as long as it needs to live there.

As I work on my WIPs I plot and scheme what else I would like to knit or crochet. I’ve been held back from starting anything more due to a lack of available project bags and a lack of energy needed to sew another one. The idea of finishing another project so a bag becomes available has crossed my mind, but naaaaahhhhh nope.

I hope you’re enjoying your WIPs. I totally love mine and I feel so much better when I have time to unwind and knit or hook a little bit at the end of, or in the middle of, a hectic working day. I had the chance to watch an episode of Vikings between classes today, which is why I was lucky enough to cast on a sweater sleeve.


One thought on “My WIPs aren’t worth the fuss

  1. MrsCraft February 16, 2017 / 9:21 am

    They all sound fab, it’s hard to get time for photos when you’re really busy.


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