Has my sock obsession declined?

Today I have begun to break a record in my knitting and crochet history. In three months I will be finishing precisely three sweaters. I finished my gray cabled “Evergreen Aran” sweater in December. I proceeded to complete a crocheted “Telegraph” sweater in January. Now I am finishing the first sleeve for an “Alec XL” and, since the latter is for my partner and he can see what I’m working on most of the time, the second sleeve will be done next week because … WEARER PRESSURE.

I started a pair of red socks last week but that’s about it. I haven’t finished a pair of socks, actually, in a very long time. For the past, I don’t know, decade and a half, nothing has been more enjoyable for me than to knit a pair of socks.  That’s a loooong binge on socks. Am I entering a sweater bender period of my life?

As I’ve been knitting the sleeve on the “Alec XL” I’ve actually been asking myself, “Which sweater shall I make next?” I’ve been checking out knitting stitch dictionaries because I want to make my own easy-to-knit cardigan with some Cascade 220 Quattro I’ve got in my stash. And then I ponder the vintage “Star Motif” sweater I want to make (can’t decide on the colors). I also wonder about if I feel like starting another Alec XL for myself – I bought yarn for two. Sparks of gansey thoughts have floated through my brain also – which color is hard to say, I’ve got orange, brown, and green yarn to use for a gansey. Perhaps my indecision about which sweater to start next means that once I get the green Alec XL done I will get back into my sock craze.

Only time will tell. At least my knitting mood has made my blog more varied. A few months ago I was worried I was blogging too much about socks.

I did order some Arne & Carlos 3rd edition sock yarn – I have some limited edition of the same line in my stash , yikes! I certainly have plenty of sock yarn just in case I feel the urge to get back into my sock obsession, so that’s a relief. Whew.


One thought on “Has my sock obsession declined?

  1. Bybyq February 10, 2017 / 7:04 am

    3 sweaters in 3 months? This definitely worth celebrating for 🙂 No worries about more sweater though, winter is very bad this year, so the more sweater the merrier (and warmer, of course) xx

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