The afghan cupboard

For the longest time I’ve been storing large afghan projects in a box. The box has been hidden in the spare bedroom. Do I knit and crochet in the spare bedroom? No. I knit and crochet in the living room. It’s gotten to be a nuisance to work on afghans because I’ve had to drag out the box and then put it away. Finally, I decided to claim some wasted space in the living room: a cupboard that had photo albums. I don’t look at photo albums nearly as often as I knit and crochet. Soooo… the box that once stored the afghan projects now keeps the photo albums safe. The cupboard (which I now lovingly call the “afghan cubby”) now has all the yarn and the afghans in progress.


As you can see, my hexagon afghan in progress is sitting cheerfully on top of the yarn skeins. The Tunisian afghan was sitting on the sofa waiting for me to work on it when I snapped this photo.

I’ve been using my new system for a couple of weeks now and I love it. When I feel like crocheting a hexagon I just grab some yarn and get going on it. If I feel like working on my Tunisian crochet afghan, I just retrieve it from the cubby. No more taking out and putting away boxes. Added bonus: the cubby is about 4 feet away from the sofa!


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