I’m the WIP-ing Grinch

Today for the first time in my blogging life I’m doing that “Wednesday WIP” thing, I suppose, although it’s totally by accident. I always refuse to conform, even if I conform by coincidence.

I have a bunch of WIPs and only one photo that, honestly, is kind of boring. The reason is simple: the niebla (Spanish for “fog”) is WIP-ing this WIP-ing Grinch. Oh, and I’m a Grinch because I joined the Knitmore Girls’ Grinch-a-long.

So, for the Grinch-a-long, I made a statement in the Ravelry group that I enter the event doing four things that bring me joy: 1) visiting my family for the holidays in the USA; 2) finishing projects; 3) knitting a pair of socks and 4) knitting whatever the heck I want when I want.

I am hell-bent on finishing my sweater. I have been happily and joyfully knitting away on my sweater now for about two weeks. I’ve got two sleeves done and I’m on the verge of finishing the back. I took a picture of the back when I was working on it over the weekend, on an unusually bright day, and I am happy to say that today, although gloomy and foggy, I have it almost done and tomorrow it will be finished and I will start getting the front piece done.


I have also casted on a lace scarf for myself and I’m looking for a stitch pattern to slap onto my pair of socks I want to get started on. I’m planning my socks to be my project to take with me to the USA and I am also hoping to fly into Boston wearing this gray sweater, which will make me very joyful. I have no photos of my started lace scarf, but here’s the pattern if you’re curious about what it will look like. The pattern is very clever because it has an easy reversible cable and uses garter stitch lace to make it look identical on both sides. It’s making me think about how I could design my own lace scarf in the future.


One thought on “I’m the WIP-ing Grinch

  1. MrsCraft December 8, 2016 / 11:27 pm

    Welcome to the WIP Wednesday dark side 😂 looks like you’re busy. Good luck designing your own lace pattern.

    Liked by 1 person

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