Doing Thanksgiving outside the U.S.A.

It is the eve of Thanksgiving in the U.S. Well, for me it’s the evening. It is exactly 11:21 PM as I write this. I hope everyone from the U.S.A. has a wonderful and relaxing day. If some of you have to work, well, so do I! Nobody where I live celebrates it. Of course, I love eating Thanksgiving dinner. But I also insist on observing this holiday in my home because it truly motivates me to remember what I am grateful for.

Thanksgiving, it goes without saying, is my favorite holiday and during the four years I’ve been living in Spain I haven’t missed a single one. Of course, it’s quite the solitary affair. I make Thanksgiving dinner for two. Sometimes, it’s been a challenge to get it right but I have tricks up my sleeve.

This year as always I have to teach the regularly scheduled English classes. This most certainly does not mean that I have to wait until the weekend to do my Thanksgiving dinner. In Spain, especially in a small city like the one I live in, pretty much everything closes at 2 PM to reopen again at 5 PM. This means that nobody takes English classes between these hours, either, so I have time to get together with my partner at home and have a couple of hours of Thanksgiving time.

It’s all a matter of proper planning. Today, I made my stuffing and an apple pie in my spare time. I also got my cranberry sauce ready, which was also a challenge. You see, all the ingredients for an American Thanksgiving are actually foods available every day in Spain,  except fresh cranberries or a can of cranberry sauce. In past years I’ve been able to find craisins, which are dried cranberries that look like little red raisins. I have made cranberry sauce with these by boiling them in sugary water. This year I have not seen a single craisin available. So, I made cranberry sauce by dissolving gelatin in cranberry juice. I tried some and it tastes like the real thing so, success!

I will not be roasting a whole turkey. Instead, I’ll be roasting turkey tenderloins. Since I have to go back to work in the afternoon, I’m also not making any mashed potatoes or squash. Instead, I’m going to roast my potatoes and the squash with the turkey tenderloins. Thanksgiving dinner, after I manage to heat the stuffing in the microwave and make a gravy from chicken broth, will be ready in under 40 minutes.

I really can’t wait to eat tomorrow! The stuffing looks so delicious. I have resisted the temptation to dig into it so far. And, of course, I can even be thankful for celebrating this holiday far away from home because I don’t have to listen to my relatives shout at the T.V. during the football game. In fact, I shall spend the day completely removed from and oblivious of football. I’m sorry, football fans. It’s just not my thing. I’m a hockey kind of guy!


2 thoughts on “Doing Thanksgiving outside the U.S.A.

    • tonymarkp November 24, 2016 / 11:31 pm

      Thank you! I had the luxury of three hours to spend over dinner in the middle of the day.

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