No knitting to blog about

I am so totally not knitting. Every once in a while this week I’ve knit a few rounds on a vanilla sock but that’s about it. It isn’t about my mood. I’m definitely in the mood to knit, but I’ve got all projects with wool casted on and the weather is over 100 degrees F every day. This is quite an unusual September. I know that many of you think that Spain is just a warm and sunny place but it really isn’t. Only in the south and on the islands does it feel mostly warm all year round. In the center and northwest of this country we have the typical four seasonal changes, with cooler temperatures in Autumn and even some snow in Winter. Anyway, we’ve basically been experiencing a heat wave that has lasted all of August and is continuing into September. According to the weather forecast it isn’t going to cool off until Thursday! I’m going to have to get crocheting on my cotton doily or cast on something with a summery type of yarn if I decide to get crafty again. Considering that my issue with knitting and crocheting in hot weather is the uncomfortable feeling of sweaty hands, I’ll probably just wait until the weather gets back to normal.

In other news, I got a new computer which was long overdue. Many of the die-hard Apple fans may gasp in horror but this time around I decided to abandon Apple computers in favor of buying a laptop with Windows pre-installed. Of course, when I got the computer home the first thing I did was install Ubuntu Linux on it. So, strangely enough, I can provide some advice about doing this kind of thing if you are tired of Apple and Microsoft like I am.

As a side note, my decision to not upgrade to another Apple computer was based on this: Apple makes absolutely certain that even though your computer works you won’t be able to update its software after it’s five years old. My white Macbook celebrated its eighth birthday this year with a very old version of OS X. Of course, it was becoming pretty useless as most software and web browsing was not working correctly (or not supported).

Linux is a good alternative to Apple because both Linux and OS X derive from the same operating system, Unix. That was actually the reason why I had switched from Microsoft to Apple a thousand years ago. Essentially, I’m a total nerd and I have been using the Terminal to type commands on the command line for years on OS X and all those commands are basically the same on Linux.

The best part about this switch, though, is that it has cost me absolutely nothing to get all the stuff I need to get working on this computer. The Office programs and just about every other thing you can imagine are absolutely free. I have had zero problems transferring my files from one computer to the other because all the files are either convertible or readable. What really surprised me was that I can even sync my iPad and my iPhone on Linux.

And that is all I have to report on this week. To those of you who are enjoying all the cool breezes and the over early pumpkin spice everything: Enjoy! :-)t




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