WIP: “Elegant Pineapple” by Patricia Kristoffersen

I started crocheting Patricia Kristoffersen’s “Elegant Pineapple” doily a few months ago. Today I’ve returned to it to add another round to it. I think it’s coming along nicely although it’s evolving slowly:

elegant pineapple

It will certainly look better when I finish it and block it but for now this is what I’ve got to share with you. The designer intended the doily to be larger but I opted for a slightly finer crochet cotton thread than what the pattern calls for: it’s size 12 instead of 10 (the latter being the famous “bedspread” weight). This is my first time working with Anchor crochet thread and I love it. This particular line is called “Freccia” and I think the reason why it feels so good to crochet with it is because it’s a three-ply thread.

The pattern comes from the Leisure Arts book Absolutely Gorgeous Doilies and, as you might guess from the photo and also from previous blog posts here, it’s yet another collection of Kristoffersen’s doily patterns with interesting front and back post work in the center. Of course, not all of the doilies in this book have that kind of center for the doilies, but a lot of them do. The center circle of this doily looks really complex but in reality it’s quite simple to crochet. The hard part of this doily is counting correctly on the larger, outer rounds!


2 thoughts on “WIP: “Elegant Pineapple” by Patricia Kristoffersen

  1. MrsCraft September 18, 2016 / 6:17 am

    It looks fab, I love thread for fine detailed things like that (I like to make snowflakes with it, not all year round obviously!)


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