When all else fails: Stick it out the window

These days are pretty gloomy. The lack of sunlight is really doing quite the number on my photographs of my knitting. I of course have another FO to discuss, but first let us appreciate the colors in this skein of Opal sock yarn, which after several failed attempts at being photographed, finally found itself stuck out the window for better lighting and, therefore, finer color accuracy:

Photo Aug 17, 11 23 02 AM

I love this yarn and I think it’s one of my favorite brands of self-striping yarn. This skein has different shades of blue, brown, gray, purple, and red. I’m about to cast on a sock with it right now!

If you’re curious about the colorway and my downstairs neighbor’s garden, here you go:

Photo Aug 17, 11 21 44 AM

I’m starting a new pair of socks because I finished my toe-up rainbow socks. They fit my feet wonderfully. Check them out:

Photo Aug 17, 11 09 08 AM

I made these socks two-at-a-time. I’ve definitely changed my sock knitting habits, which from now on are going to be determined by how the sock yarn is sold. If the skeins are sold so that one skein is enough for one sock, I’ll knit my socks toe-up and two-at-a-time. If the one skein is enough to knit a complete pair I’ll knit them cuff-down on tiny circular needles. Obviously, the next socks I’m knitting are going to be cuff-down on mini circs because Opal sells the yarn in big skeins.


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