Why not more rainbow socks?

Last year I knit myself a pair of rainbow socks and I’m pretty sure I finished them after moving to the apartment I’m living in now. The yarn was from Tiger, an “upscale” Danish dollar store.

I had some Regia Design Line “Garden Effects” sock yarn in #03309 which looks more like a rainbow than a garden effect. It needs more green to look like a garden, really. I’ve been knitting them two-at-a-time and toe-up. I’m pretty excited to be almost done with the gusset rounds so pretty soon I’ll be turning the heels. I took a picture of them this morning in the sunlight so we can appreciate all the bright colors:

Photo Aug 02, 2 17 33 PM

As you can see, the Regia sock yarn isn’t fraying or coming to bits so these will go on my feet, not in the rubbish!

I’ve been knitting socks today between classes because it’s too hot to knit the sweater. I’ll work on that tonight when it cools off.



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