I got to the fun part

My Fair Isle “Star Motif Pullover” that I’m knitting for my partner’s Christmas gift is getting interesting. For the longest time I had to knit knit knit knit knit knit in beige. Now that I’ve got to the yoke it’s time to follow charts and add some cool color patterns. Here’s my progress so far (if the photo is gloomy, I’m sorry):

Photo Aug 01, 8 44 30 PM

See all that beige? That was a lot a of film viewing, TV series watching, and chit-chatting on the phone. I’m very happy it’s behind me and I can do something a little more challenging. I must say, though, that the color patterns are not difficult at all. I’ve also made things more enjoyable for myself by not following the directions in the pattern. For example, I’ve knit the whole thing in the round instead of knitting the body and sleeves flat up to the yoke. Also, I’ve kept live stitches where the sleeves meet the body so I can just close the holes with a three-needle bind-off. If you’re interested in the pattern it’s available for sale at Leisure Arts: http://www.leisurearts.com/star-motif-pullover-knit-pattern-epattern.html It was not in Ravelry’s catalog when I added the project to my Notebook but you most certainly can buy it and download it. I think it’s a wonderful sweater and I plan to knit one for myself with other colors in the future. It does not take any skill at all to convert the flat knitting parts to circular. You just have to multiply the back stitches to be cast on by 2 and join to knit in the round. The sleeve numbers remain the same.

I think I’ll be done with this sweater by Sunday of this week if I don’t get too distracted. Then, I suppose I’ll get going on another sweater because this project was the one I wanted to get done far ahead of time for Christmas. The rest of my Christmas knitting will be simple scarves and shawls so just as long as I cast all that on in a couple of months I’ll be set to get my gift knitting done in plenty of time.


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