I fell into the yarn hole!

The last time I bought yarn I said to myself, “this is the last time.” That was supposed to be when I took advantage of a sale.

Well, wouldn’t you know that last night I looked at my shopping email. Why did I do that? I was slightly bored watching a slow moment in an episode of Stranger Things, a Netflix series. And low and behold I saw that Love Knitting was doing a summer sale with stuff discounted up to 70% and then, in another newsletter email, an announcement that you get 25% off on top of that.

So… I was weak. I bought a sweater’s worth of yarn (like I need another batch of that). I bought a pattern to knit the yarn into (I’ve been eyeing this pattern for so long), a ball of Cascade Heritage prints for socks and two skeins of Cascade Fingering weight yarn (I have always loved Cascade yarns). The yarn for the sweater is Rowan Pure Wool and the pattern is Alec XL which is a pattern written for different yarns but they’re basically similar to the Rowan Pure Wool.

So, this is the last time I’m buying yarn for a very loooooong time. It had better be!

Oh, I also bought Opal sock yarn in the turquoise colorway to replace that Regia yarn I had to throw away. Yes, that’s right, I’m going to have my bright blue Kalajoki socks if I have to travel to the ends of the earth to get them done.


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