Tinto de verano

Well, after I finished working I got going on ripping back my toe-up socks and reknitting them with the gussets correctly placed. I knitted for a couple of hours and this evening we had dinner with tinto de verano to drink.

What is this drink? Well, I suppose in English we’d call it a “wine spritzer.” It’s red wine mixed with lemon flavored soda (Fanta, Sprite, or 7UP, etc.) served with plenty of ice. Here in Spain it’s ubiquitous during the hot months of summer. You can even buy it pre-mixed (industrial style) at the supermarket. I prefer to make my own because I like to control the amount of wine and soda. Would you like to try one? Go for it, following these steps:

  1. Open a bottle of red wine.
  2. Get a glass.
  3. Put ice in the glass.
  4. Pour the red wine into the glass until it’s half full.
  5. Fill the rest of the glass up with lemon soda.
  6. Drink.

If you prefer white wine, then use white wine, although the taste won’t be exactly the same.

A lot of people in my family always ask me what type of red wine they should use so I imagine maybe you, too, might have that question. It’s quite simple: use the red wine you want to use. Here in Spain, a lot of people make tinto de verano drinks with cheap wine. We have lots of wonderful options for cheap wine here from vino cosechero (wine made from this year’s grapes, sold in bottles with no label), boxed wines, cartons of wine, and economy wines that are actually of high quality. The latter wines are inexpensive in Spain but are sold in the United States for much more. Even though lots of people here use cheaper wines for mixing, there is absolutely nothing wrong with using more expensive wines. At my house we use what we have on hand, which is typically a wide range of cheaper and more expensive bottled wines.

More trivial information: if you mix red wine with cola it’s called a calimocho. And yes, please do try out a calimocho and see if you like it. I prefer the tinto de verano but I’m sure cola fans will love it.

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