Taking advantage of sales

One of the fun parts about summer in Spain is that everything goes on sale from July to August. Yes, there are other fun parts about summer in Spain. This is just one of them.

I’ve bought clothes, shoes, etc. Also, I’ve bought some knitting and crochet supplies. Check out my loot! I’m wicked excited to get started with this stuff.

Photo Jul 06, 2 48 45 PM

One of the things I always buy when I see it on sale is rag yarn because the good quality kind can be quite expensive. There are plenty of cheap rag yarns available that, although they may be nice for making baskets and buckets, are too heavy for making bags. The lightweight”good stuff” around here can sell for about $7 to $12 a skein. I found these ones in the picture for about $4.95 so I went a little crazy. Also, note that I have no hard feelings toward Regia 4-ply sock yarn. I bought a couple of skeins at 20% off. It’s a beautiful gray color.

Photo Jul 06, 2 48 59 PM

In total, I spent about $25.00 (a rough conversion from Euros).

Now, I just need the sales to end (both online and in physical stores) so that I can save some money. The temptations are too strong.

If anyone wants to know, here’s how I take advantage of sales:

  1. If an online or physical yarn store asks me if I want their newsletter, I say, “Yes, please, that would be wonderful.” I always use my shopping email address (yes, I have a shopping email address) so that I don’t feel overwhelmed by marketing emails.
  2. I take advantage of offers about free shipping. A lot of online stores say “spend X amount of money and get free shipping!” Well, I order my knitting and crochet supplies in bulk, planning what I’m going to do with the yarn and other stuff a few months into the future.
  3. I don’t buy stuff “just because it’s on sale.” If the sale and my needs coincide, then I buy the stuff.
  4. I know myself and my go-to small projects (afghan squares, socks, bags, and doilies) and that helps me make decisions about what sale prices I will be taking advantage of.

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