Not too much to report!

I’ve been delaying my post because I’ve been waiting for something to happen to write about. This week I’ve been casting things on. I also finished a pair of socks. Here they are (they’re for my sister). Ta-da!

frans socks

They’re already on a plane crossing the Atlantic to get to her.

Since I finished a pair of socks I of course started another. Since I learned the magic loop method of knitting small round items I decided to try knitting two socks at the same time on a big circular needle. I chose the Kalajoki pattern because I thought it would be cool to knit off two charts at the same time. What I didn’t expect was that learning how to cast on cuff-down socks for knitting two at a time on a magic loop is pretty tough. But then, I found Knit and Tonic’s advice: just start each sock individually and then put them on the magic loop. Problem solved.

A lot of people choose the two at a time method of knitting socks because they suffer from what’s called “second sock syndrome” which means the second sock is quite different from the first. I don’t have this problem. I just wanted to see if I could do it. Here’s my progress so far on my blue Kalajokis:

Photo Jun 18, 1 34 50 PM

I started these socks on Wednesday so I guess I’m zipping along on them. Also, just in case anyone wants to know: I bought 40″ (100 cm) Addi lace needles, US size 1 (2.25 mm). I like my needle to be sharp. I’m quite happy with the cable length and the needles.

If that’s not enough, I finished the sleeves for the yoke sweater I blogged about before and casted on the body and I’ve also casted on a Surprise Jacket which I’m having lots of fun knitting.

That’s all for now. I hope everyone has a good week.


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