Peyote crochet

It’s very unusual for me to blog on a Tuesday but here I am. Between classes I had time to finish yet another Patricia Kristoffersen doily. This one is called “Visionary Sense” and can be found in Ultimate Doilies published by Leisure Arts. I suppose at this point I should buy stock in Leisure Arts if it ever becomes a publicly traded company (which it won’t, haha!). Anyway, as I was crocheting this doily I was asking myself, “Why did she give it a name like this?” The photos in the leaflet don’t really give you an idea as to why it’s called what it’s named. But, as I photographed the doily, completed it, and stared at it, well, I can say that it can make you somewhat dizzy which could mean that you’re “having visions.” It could be crocheted peyote. I’m not sure if looking at a photo of it long enough will do this, but try to make yourself dizzy looking at it:

Photo May 03, 7 44 57 PM

Usually, I’m not very into crocheting doilies that are all spinny as if they were a wheel. This one caught my interest and motivated me to make it (as well as decorate my coffee table with it) because of the front and back post crochet work that it calls for. It’s truly a masterful design and provides hours of entertainment for the price of some dollar store bedspread crochet thread #10. It’s so much of a masterful design that I think the center “wheel” deserves a close-up:

Photo May 03, 7 45 22 PM

Do you get what I mean? It’s just a good time to do all that front-back post stuff. In the center, front post triple crochets create a wheel of diamonds. The center is lined off from the outer edges with a round of back post stitches to add an interesting 3D effect. The edging, which takes up about three rounds, is also worth seeing close-up. It’s the easiest thing ever to make, but it looks so, I don’t know, “professionally finished” with back post stitchery:

Photo May 03, 7 45 31 PM

So there you go. I have effectively procrastinated knitting the sleeves on my sweater quite nicely and for months. Procrastination has never felt so productive. My living room now has lots of color (check out previous posts) and texture decorating it.


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