Doily mania

In my pursuit of procrastinating on the sleeves to my sweater I have fallen into the doily hole. I had plenty of mercerized crochet thread to make two pinwheel doilies:

Photo Apr 17, 4 09 15 PM

This one above is “Pineapple Pinwheel” by Agnes Russell, which I’ve made before.

This other one, below, is a another version of the classic pinwheel called “Pinwheel Treat:”

Photo Apr 17, 4 09 47 PM

After I made these two doilies I dived into my doily pattern collection. It seems when I was a teenager I acquired quite a few Leisure Arts books about doily patterns and, without even knowing it, became a Patricia Kristoffersen fan boy. Way back in the day, before we had the Internet and Ravelry and all that other computer stuff (I believe my computer model when I was in high school was an Amiga 500), we didn’t (or at least I didn’t) pay much attention to who wrote the patterns. Mostly, I went to the store, looked at the pattern books, and grabbed the ones with pictures of stuff I wanted to make. Well, anyway, my young eyes always seemed to gravitate towards the Patricia Kristoffersen designs because I have quite a few books and leaflets by her.

Have I digressed enough? Yes. So, anyway, I actually have 99 Little Doilies, which I guess I bought when I was in grad school. My eyes were ever faithful and gravitated to PK patterns even a few years after high school. I have never, in these fifteen or so years, crocheted a darn thing out of that book. It has traveled with me to about five different states and now a whole continent. It’s probably best that I forgot about that book because if I had even used it once I wouldn’t have finished my PhD because this thing is like Crocheter’s Crack. I made one little doily and then I had to make another, and another, and another. I actually have another in progress as I write this post. So, here’s what I’ve done so far from it:

I wish wasn’t lazy and had the energy to look up the individual patterns for these four beauties but the patterns in the book are only numbered and I can’t remember right now which ones they are. But, anyway, there they are!


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