On a bucket roll

What a coincidence. Last year I procrastinated knitting sleeves on a sweater by crocheting and knitting bags — remember my crocheted bucket bag and “Spare Pocket” designs? This year I have some more sleeves waiting for me and so far I’ve sewn some bucket bags with canvas as posted last week and now I’ve crocheted some more bucket bags. Those sleeves will get done eventually, right?

I crocheted the bags with Schachenmayr Catania mercerized cotton. There isn’t a pattern because I winged them.

This one, with the pink stripes, is for my sister, for her birthday:

This other one here is for me:

I added a special touch to these by lining the bags and the shoulder strap with some cotton quilting fabric and braiding the closure cords with embroidery floss on a Kumihimo wheel. I just think that Kumihimo braided cord is a lot stronger than a crocheted one.

Crocheting a bucket bag is pretty simple. All you need to know how to do is: 1) crochet (duh!); 2) make a flat circle; 3) find a stitch pattern you like; 4) near the top add a “dc, ch2” sort of thing to weave in your closing cord. I decided that I “needed” another bag for small projects. What would be your excuse?

Up next on this blog will probably be some more crochet, or socks, or both. No, probably not the completed sweater!


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