A sweater that seems to knit itself

As soon as I finished my blue cabled cardigan I casted another sweater on. This one is a pullover with a zippered collar. The pattern is simply called “Unisex Zip” and it is in the book The Knitter’s Handy Book of Top-Down Sweaters by Ann Budd (Interweave). The pattern only appears in the digital version, so if you have the hard copy and wonder why you don’t have it in there, well, that’s why.

People who have seen me knitting this sweater have asked about gauge and when I’ve answered “six stitches per inch” some responses have been “well, that’s going to take too long.” This is so not true. As a matter of fact, I took a photo of my progress on it having only knitted on it for three days:

Photo Jan 15, 2 30 18 PM

In the photo you can see that in three days I got the top half of the back done and was working down the top front of the sweater. Well, a week later I have more than half of the body of the sweater done. I have not been working on this sweater for hours and hours every day. Actually, yesterday and the day before, I didn’t knit anything.

I would recommend keeping an open mind about knitting gauge and time you can expect to spend knitting a sweater. The stitch pattern is also an important factor. The one used for this sweater is a two-row slip-stitch repeat with very minimal purling. Add to the fact that I won’t have to sew a whole lot (just the zipper) because it’s a top-down sweater knit in the round and you can see that it’s a fast sweater project. The knitting for this is a bit mindless, perfect for watching a movie or traveling with it. I’m enjoying it so much that I’m plotting and planning to make another one. I honestly can’t see why anyone could live with just one zipped pullover.

Oh, and for the women: if you just can’t figure out what sweater to knit for a husband or a boyfriend because you fear the urban legend of the “boyfriend sweater” that precipitates a breakup, knitting this sweater for your man will probably earn you extra points if you take care in selecting an appropriate color. The pattern is pretty plain and the yarn for it is merino, so no complaints about itchiness or “too many frilly things,” etc. The added bonus is that if you can select a suitable enough variegated or self-striping yarn, the knitting will be interesting for you with the color changes.


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