Dollar Store Knitting and Crochet, part 2

First, let me say a few words that aren’t about the title of this post: Yesterday was Christmas and, as I posted yesterday, it was a day for me to enjoy some peace and quiet. I had got quite tired of the sleeve on my cardigan so I did what needed to be done: I brandished the Opal self-striping sock yarn and casted on a new sock. I definitely got hooked. I was so busy saying, “Oooo! Ooooo! What’s the next color? When’s it coming?” that I knit the entire cuff and the leg yesterday.

Photo Dec 25, 11 54 49 PM

These socks will be for me when I finish them. Don’t you just love all those colors and gradients together? This knitting was good motivation for me. Today, I got that sleeve done. Now I just need to knit the next one and knit the button band and the collar and then maybe I can block and wear this thing.

OK, enough of the Christmas socks. Let’s talk about the matter at hand: dollar store knitting and crochet.

In part 1 of this series I discussed crocheting an afghan from recycled acrylic yarn I purchased at the Chinese bazaar (the equivalent to an American dollar store here in Spain). Did you know that the dollar store doesn’t only stock acrylic? You have to catch them at the right time, but sometimes you can find real wool at the dollar store. I remember finding, actually, Lion Brand wool at a Dollar Tree shop once in New Hampshire. I would recommend going to the cheap stores frequently just to see what crafting supplies they have. On the rare occasion they actually have wool or wool blends it sells off pretty fast.

Here in Spain I’ve discovered a retail chain that actually stocks wool every winter. It’s a Danish company called Tiger. Their line of sock yarn is 75% wool and 25% polyamide. Last week I went into the store to buy a couple of skeins at 2 euros each (in winter they’re 2 euros, at the end of winter the price drops to 1 euro each). Thinking about how cool it would be for my blog, I snapped a couple of pictures when I was in the store:

Now, not all of the yarn in the display contains wool. The skeins at the top are 100% acrylic. But, the variegated yarn with pink and black is in fact wool content yarn for knitting socks. This store even has bamboo 2.5 mm DPNs. I knit up a pair of socks with this yarn so I can show you the results, too:


I’ve knit quite a few socks with this yarn so I can safely say that all of the variegated yarns follow the same “speckled” color pattern. I’ve worn them and can attest to the yarn’s good, sturdy quality. Also, rarely do knots occur in the skeins.

My point? Cheap knitting isn’t necessarily limiting yourself to acrylic. You can find some good quality yarns in unexpected places. All you have to do is keep your eyes and mind open.


2 thoughts on “Dollar Store Knitting and Crochet, part 2

  1. Verónica December 27, 2015 / 10:40 pm

    Good shopping! Like the speckled look of the yarn.


    • tonymarkp December 27, 2015 / 10:59 pm

      Thank you!


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