I don’t have enough hats!

Just about everything I ordered has now arrived! I’m just missing one skein of Cascade 220 Solids in the Burnt Orange color way. Here’s what I bought and what I plan to do with it:

I ordered some Paton’s Wool DK in black and red because I’m going to make some hats with it:

Photo Dec 16, 3 24 36 PM

Also, I bought some Katia City yarn for the same purpose: hats. Some of this Katia yarn is for the distant future when I feel like knitting an easy self-striping hat:

Photo Dec 05, 9 49 15 PM

By the way, as soon as I got this yarn last week I made myself a striped slouchy hat right away:

Photo Dec 07, 1 09 50 PM

There is no pattern for this hat. I actually made one last Christmas as a gift and have thought about making one for myself because, well, it’s just super awesome. The rest of the Katia is stashed for now.

I guess I’m on a hat theme because I bought two skeins of DMC Tamara for making another hat. This time, though, following a pattern, which is “Ribbed Beanie” by Woolly Wormhead. Here’s the yarn:

Photo Dec 16, 3 25 56 PM

To those of you unaware: DMC is making lots more wool yarns now. At least in Europe and the UK, they’re not just for cotton crochet and embroidery thread anymore.

I bought two hanks of Cascade 220 because I just wanted to see the colors (you can’t buy Cascade in my area, I had to order it). Only one skein has arrived, which is in the Goldenrod color way:

Photo Dec 16, 3 25 19 PM

I originally planned to make a hat with the orange and yellow colors together, but then again I might just make two Skelters (also by Woolly Wormhead) and then use the leftovers for a color work beanie-style hat.

I mentioned in a previous post that I bought some Spanish merino yarn but I didn’t photograph it. I got it three weeks ago, so I think it counts in my round of supply shopping:

Photo Dec 16, 3 30 29 PM

Don’t worry, the hank on top is just fine. I unleashed it so you could see the different colors. I bought this yarn from tejoloquehilo.es. My plan is to make the Unisex Zip sweater found in Ann Budd’s The Knitter’s Handy Book of Top-Down Sweaters. This pattern is only available in the digital edition of the book, by the way. I’m hoping this yarn will work well for the sweater. We shall see!

I bought a complete set of DPN’s from http://www.tiradelovillo.com, my favorite Spanish online shop. They’re KnitPro Symfonies and I’m very happy with them. They go with my Symfonie interchangeables quite nicely. 🙂

Photo Dec 16, 3 28 40 PM

Finally, I bought a skein of Regia sock yarn because I have some colorful scraps that will combine with it to make a pair of socks or some sort of accessory.

Photo Dec 16, 3 26 17 PM

That’s it. I think I’ve got enough stuff to keep me busy knitting all winter long. Well, we can hope. Let’s see if my orange hank of Cascade 220 can hurry up and get here.


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