I’m being a bit naughty for the holidays

Recently, I’ve just been buying all the yarn and knitting supplies. I’m waiting for the last of my stuff to arrive by post and then I’m going to do what used to be against my nature: photograph it all, talk about all the things I bought, and basically behave like an elated conspicuous consumer sucked into the capitalist vortex.

Why not? I’m really excited about the stuff I’ve bought, I’ve had fun the past couple of weeks looking at different web sites, visiting some physical shops, and planning my knitting for the next few months. I don’t think I’ve ever been this inspired to knit.

Speaking of which, I’ve been knitting a lot. This was a four-day weekend for me so I’ve made tons of progress on my cabled cardigan. I’m already a quarter of the way down the first sleeve. That’s right, down. Those of you who are kind enough to remember will know that this is a flat raglan sweater, with all that business about shaping the armholes for the back, left front, and right front. Well, for the body I think that’s just fine, but there is absolutely no need to knit the sleeves flat for this cardigan. AT ALL. Planning ahead, I actually knitted all the body pieces with chain selvedge edges. Today, I sewed the shoulders together, and then I just picked up around the armhole to knit my first sleeve in the round. I’ve made some shaping modifications to this sweater as well. When I’m finished I’ll of course add them to my notes on my Ravelry project page. I must say, though, that I’ve tried the sweater on with the partially knitted sleeve and it works great. Of course, I knew it would work out great. That’s because I know that there is absolutely no need whatsoever to knit sleeves flat when it comes to raglan sweaters.

My other mods? The button band and collar as indicated in the pattern are not, in my opinion, the proper way to do things. My added selvedge edges, of course, play into this mod. I’ll be sure to talk more about that on my Ravelry project page when I’m done, of course.

Speaking of modding patterns, there are those patterns that absolutely require alterations and others that don’t. This particular one screams “mod me, pleeeeeeease!” Typically, the free patterns that big yarn companies publish scream this at us. And, guess what? This is one of those. For the life of me I do not understand why anyone would think it necessary to, for example, cast on stitches to just put them on a holder to knit later and then sew the separated band to the main fabric. It’s just…

Expect some conspicuous consumption from me soon! I’m getting ready for it. I don’t think I’ve been this excited for shopping in a long time. Shopping for arts and craft supplies, though, is quite different from shopping for bobbles. It’s part of the creative process. Creation requires materials. Materials inspire creation. I guess it’s consumption to feel good about since it’s inspirational. It could be a new fall favorite. Yarn and knitting supply shopping while welcoming the crisp fall weather.


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