Knitting on Sunday

I live for the weekend. Today I had the exquisite opportunity to knit on two projects.

A couple of weeks ago I bought Ann Budd’s The Knitter’s Handy Guide to Top-Down Sweaters. So, earlier this week, I casted on a top-down yoke sweater. I’m cranking out some peeries. Check them out: 

I forgot how much I love peeries. I’m randomly adding them to this sweater. Need I say more about how awesome peeries are?

Also, I’m working on a Hitchhiker with Malabrigo sock yarn in the “CaribeƱo” color way.

I hope you’ve had time to knit today, too!


Knitting and teaching my head off!!

Oh my God, I think I’ve been blessed with a fantastic year of teaching English in Spain. I’m working more than I ever have since I immigrated here. This is a very good thing.

This means, though, that this blog has been collecting dust for a couple of weeks. I had this goal, you know. My objective was to post once a week. That’s not happening. It’s not the first time I’ve missed a week, though. I guess when school is in full swing it’s always like this, though, right? Last year the same thing happened.

Mostly, I’ve been teaching a lot, knitting some, and not really in tune with WordPress. So, this post has some new stuff to the max. Why don’t we start with the PRETTY PICTURES? Yesyesyesyes.

That right there is my finished Magrathea, designed by Martina Behm. Check out my Ravelry project page to see how long it took (a month) and, if you’ve never heard of Martina Behm, a way to navigate to the pattern and her other awesome patterns.

Here’s the full impact photo:

And here’s a photo that shows off the lace and garter stitch and gives a hint of the full effect:

It’s outrageously gorgeous. I used Malabrigo sock yarn for it so it’s outrageously soft, too. It’s a Christmas gift for a knitter. I can’t wait to give it to her.

In other knitterly news, I’ve made progress on my blue cabled cardigan and I’ve casted on a top-down seamless yoke sweater. Also, I bought some Spanish merino yarn from because I have another sweater for myself planned once I finish my blue cabled cardigan. I am extra happy to find a small Spanish company that hand dyes Spanish merino wool. We eat a lot of lamb here, but we let them grow up and give us wool, too.

And that’s it for now.

Halloween Skull Afghan

I didn’t finish it in time for Halloween, but instead the day before yesterday, five days after. If you recall, I crocheted it with cheap yarn. It came out just the way I intended: Halloween festive.

I’m still ticking away at a pair of vanilla socks, a cabled cardigan, a red scarf, an recently I casted on Magrathea by Martina Behm with some really beautiful Malabrigo sock yarn. I’m also working a lot which means I knit when I can.