I finish things and I keep on knitting

Quite a few months ago I finished some vanilla socks (my own personal in-my-head pattern) and I never bothered to photograph them or talk about them much. Here’s a pair I knit up with Rowan Fine Art hand painted sock yarn from the cuff down:

Photo Sep 25, 3 39 49 PM

After that, I finished a pair of toe-up socks with some rainbow sock yarn I bought at Tiger and now I’m happy to report that I have my own toe-up pattern in my head, although I’m going to experiment with the heel in the future:

Photo Sep 25, 3 40 29 PM

I’ve also finished a few other things but I didn’t bother to photograph them and I’ve already given them away. That’s life!

This is what I’ve been working on:

Photo Sep 25, 3 35 40 PM

Yup, I’ve got all that on the needles. I’m still working on that blue cardigan. The back is almost finished. I blogged about this before, but the photo was yucky. Here’s a better detail on the stitch pattern:

Photo Sep 25, 3 36 04 PM

This pattern is simply called “Cabled Cardigan” and it’s published by Hayfield. Of course, I’m not using the suggested yarn. I prefer something more wooly, so I’m using Drops Nepal.

I’ve also decided to invent a scarf with a traveling XO cable. The scarf will be reversible and maybe one day it will be a free pattern offered on my blog. Who knows? I’m having fun with this scarf. It’s very easy for me to knit.

Photo Sep 25, 3 35 54 PM

Quite naturally, I’ve been making progress on those vanilla socks with little shell rib I talked about in my last post. I’m still on the first sock, but I’ve turned the heel, decreased the gusset, and now I’m just ticking away at the foot portion:

Photo Sep 25, 3 35 46 PM

I think that’s a lot of knitting. Let’s see if I can keep my attention focused long enough on my cardigan to finish it. I love knitting it, but for some reason I just get distracted. Every time I consider casting on yet another thing I just sit on my hands for a moment and then work on my cardigan. That should do the trick, I think, at least for now… dun dun DUN! (*sinister knitter laugh*)


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