Almost like double knitting

But it’s not double knitting! It’s just two fabrics that are the reverse of each other. See what I mean?

Photo Aug 28, 3 22 18 PM

I sewed these pillows in about an hour. For some reason I am unable to ascertain, my brain was functioning well enough to consider using velcro to close them up so that I can take the pillows out of the fabric to wash the fabric only. My other bright idea, after discovering that trying to hand sew the velcro strips to the fabric wasn’t working well because the thread kept breaking, was to use jewelry cement to glue the velcro strips onto the fabric. That took me about ten minutes. I suppose you could use a hot glue gun instead of jewelry cement, but that’s what I had available so that’s what I used.

I think having a sewing machine is a life changer for me. What’s even better is that I got it for free (thank you to the wonderful lady who gifted this sewing machine to me). It’s a Spanish Refrey model from 1986 and it’s made out of iron. I call it “El Tanque” because it looks like and has the weight of a tank. Check it out:

Photo Aug 28, 3 27 57 PM

Isn’t it just awesome? I love the lever to the far right. If it’s all the way up, that means it will backstitch. Pushing it down gives different settings for sewing (big stitches or little ones). It feels like you’re driving a manual transmission instead of sewing. Believe it or not, all the handles that you see on this wonderful sewing machine are for programming the different types of embroidery it can do. I’ve experimented with the embroidery settings and it can makeĀ a lot of interesting designs.

The throw pillows I’ve just made are probably the fourth project I’ve sewn with El Tanque. The other three projects were a liner for a bag and two zippered pouches.

And so now I have another stash. In addition to the bead stash and the yarn stash, I’m accumulating a fabric stash. Yikes.


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