I have to pack everything but the yarn stash

I’m in the process of moving. You may say “yuck!” but, actually, I’m looking forward to the change of apartments.

While getting ready for moving day I’ve noticed something I never thought about before: when you change homes, the yarn stash doesn’t have to be packed because it’s already packed. At least I don’t. I keep my yarn pretty organized, stored in airtight plastic bins. All I need to do with those is move them from one place to another.

Speaking of the stash, mine isn’t really all that big of a yarn stash. At least, I’ve seen some pictures on the internet of some pretty huge stashes. I think mine has enough yarn for three sweaters, a few pairs of socks (or other things you can make with sock yarn), and some other odds and ends I’m keeping for future projects.

Surprisingly, I don’t have many parked projects, either. All that’s been set aside is a mosaic blanket, which I’ll continue to work on when the colder months return.

I think I’d define my stash as “medium sized.” I’m grateful I don’t have more than that, because even though I don’t have to pack it, I have to transport it.


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