Summah knitting mojo

That’s how we Mainahs say “summer.” It’s SUMMAH. In Spain we say verano.

My “summah” or “verano” knitting mojo is starting to kick in. It’s beautiful weather, I’ve got some steaks marinating, I’m wearing shorts, and I’m motivated to knit. This afternoon I’ve been working on my mosaic Spare Pocket. I’ve got to the shoulder strap so I expect this bag to be done soon. Then I will add the appendix to the pattern so that any mosaic pattern can be used instead of the stripes. The stitch pattern I chose, from Barbara Walker’s Third Treasury of Knitting Patterns, is called “trend.” I really like how the bag is knitting up with the Katia New Cancun yarn:

Photo Jun 19, 4 20 59 PM

I’ve said that my knitting mojo is “kicking” in because it’s not back in full swing just yet. When I’m knitting the way I usually do, I have one of each of the following projects in progress at the same time:

1) garment (usually a sweater)

2) sock

3) accessory (bag, scarf, shawl)

4) crochet project

I don’t have any socks in progress and no crochet going. My mosaic blanket has been put in time out for about 8 months and so I don’t think it counts as a project in progress. I think scrap yarn is even holding the live stitches for it.

This weekend I want to get going on the final sleeve of Arguyle. I’ve left it untouched for quite a few weeks.

Time to grill some steaks.


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