13 June was World Wide Knit in Public Day and…

Finally I got to participate with my knitting group, La Quedada Puce-lana.  This year, our group leader and owner of the tiradelovillo online yarn shop (check out her shop if you live in Spain, it’s awesome) decided to organize an event in Renedo de Esgueva, a small town just outside the city of Valladolid.

We spent the afternoon with music, lots of knitting, a yarn bombing, Mickey and Minnie Mouse entertaining the children, and lots of laughs. There was a craft market. I of course bought some yarn from tiradelovillo. I got some Opal self-striping sock yarn (2 skeins) and some more DMC Natura Just Cotton, because I can’t get enough of the colors.

When it was time to knit together, I whipped out my rainbow stripy Hitchhiker. Everyone else was crocheting. Crochet is indeed a good thing to do when the weather is warm.

I made lots of progress on my Hitchhiker.

Photo Jun 13, 6 40 00 PM Photo Jun 13, 6 40 25 PM


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