Vintage filet crochet

The previous post was sort of a summary of what I want to write about this week. So, remember I said I finished a filet crochet cloth to cover my tabletop oven? I finally took the time to snap a photo. Here it is:

Photo May 04, 4 09 59 PM

This is yet another pattern from the book Grand album de modèles pour filet by Eduard Boucharit, which you can find and download for free at the Antique Pattern Library. It’s a book from France but there is nothing to read but filet crochet charts. By the way, to make this “oven topper” I followed chart number 26. If you’re new to my blog, you can check out one of my old posts on using filet crochet charts (including instructions and links for how to crochet them). Spoiler: I like to knit with them, too. 🙂

You might ask me: “Why do you need to crochet something to cover your tabletop oven?” This is quite a complexity. First of all, my only oven is my tabletop oven. It’s actually large enough to roast a chicken or small turkey. It’s my only oven because it’s the only kind that will fit in my tiny kitchen (our apartment is actually pretty big, but they skimped on the kitchen). The two things about tabletop ovens are: 1) they have vents on the top which are totally necessary, especially if it’s a convection oven like mine; 2) regardless of what you ideally wish to happen, everyone in your house inevitably puts things on top of it, which means stuff can get into the vents. The cover protects the vents when I’m not using the oven.

Just in case you wanted to know: I used Anchor mercerized cotton at a DK weight to make a cloth that’s about 22″ X 16″. I can’t remember what size hook it was.

If you’ve never learned how to filet crochet, it’s quite fun to do and not too difficult to learn. Why not give it a try?


A bit of knitting to talk about

The past week was very productive for me with knitting (and for lots of other activities). I finished projects, started some, and made progress on another. I also began to work on a couple of designs (in my brain).

Finished: A filet crochet cover for my toaster oven. I really needed something to cover it because I was sick of cleaning the top of it all the time. I think I need to make another one so that when one is being washed the other can be used. Also, a pair of vanilla socks!

Progress: The left sleeve of my Arguyle is done. On to the right sleeve!

Casted on: Martina Behm’s Hitchhiker and a vanilla sock.

In the brain designing: A scarf and a pair of socks.