Knitting Weekend Retreat for One

I wanted to write a blog post yesterday, but I was too busy knitting.

Here’s why: On about Thursday of last week, as I was dragging myself through the end of my work week, I had two persistent thoughts on my mind: 1) “I wish I was knitting right now” and 2) “I wish I could afford one of those knitting cruises and go on a knitting vacation.”

On Friday night when I got home from work I reflected on the weekends I’ve had since January: not lots of time, really, to just sit on the sofa knitting. I’ve had family obligations, work obligations, travel, and other kinds of events that have not permitted me to really just relax and do my favorite past time. I most certainly love my family, my partner, and my wonderful friends. My job is awesome. I just got mentally exhausted.

I’m pretty sure many human beings have these brief moments of burnout. It’s inevitable if we’re constantly on the go with work and social activities.

On Friday night I planned my budget “knitting holiday weekend cruise.” Saturday morning: I got up early, did the shopping, cleaned the house. Saturday afternoon and evening: knitting, music, podcasts I like, knitting, snacks, music, podcasts I like, knitting. Sunday all morning, afternoon, and evening was the same as Saturday afternoon and evening.

Wow do I feel refreshed this Monday morning.

I recommend to any knitter that feels slightly burned out: find a day or two to give yourself a knitting retreat. It’s certainly the best idea I’ve had in quite a long time. You will make a lot of crafting progress — I’m up to the yoke on my gansey — and you will have the best Monday you’ve had in a long time. I’ve been so productive today. I got my afternoon lessons done, tomorrow’s lessons done, and I’m pretty sure when I go to work I’m going to be the most serene and happy person anyone has encountered in a long time.


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