Done: Cookie A.’s "Asymmetrical Cables"

I have lots of Cookie A. sock patterns but I hadn’t got around to knitting one until now. I recently finished her pattern for “Asymmetrical Cables” socks, which was published in Ann Budd’s Sock Knitting Masterclass.

I used some Opal sock yarn to make these. I am very happy with my results:

I’m pretty sure in another post I mentioned that I casted these on and explained that they’re not as difficult as they appear to be. Each sock has only one cable that travels thanks to increases and decreases every four rows. The rest of the knitting is stockinette stitch. Yes, if you look at my Ravelry page it says I casted them on on December 30 and didn’t finish them until February. But really, it wouldn’t have taken me so long if I hadn’t set them aside for weeks at a time. They are a quick knit and not too difficult if you can follow directions.
Oh yes, the pattern is a nice example of delightfully crystal clear, precise directions. I’ve read lots of Cookie A. patterns and thought “what well-written directions.” I have to say that following them is even more enjoyable than reading them. This pattern is very easy to follow with every single step of the process clearly explained. I expected to be able to follow the pattern with ease when I read through it. Knitting along with the pattern exceeded my expectations. This designer is very attentive to details to such minuscule things such as making sure the cable begins as a nice and neat extension of the 2 x 2 ribbing.
I also customized the pattern a bit to fit my feet. Well, actually, to fit my leg. I casted on the specified number of stitches for the largest size, made the cuff, and on the increase round I added six extra stitches. Then, just before making the heal, I decreased six stitches well in the middle of the stockinette areas far away from the traveling cable on the instep. This sharp decrease did nothing to mess up the gradual traveling of the cable down the leg and foot. I needed those six extra stitches because my leg is a bit wider than my foot to such a degree that I needed more circumference for that part of the sock.
Now, I’m going to go back to knitting my gansey. I’ll probably cast on another sock, too. I’ve got another hank of Rowan Fine Art sock yarn that is begging me to turn it into a pair of vanilla socks.


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