Knitting Podcasts I Like

If you haven’t listened to a knitting podcast, you could be missing out on a lot of entertainment or boredom, depending on whether or not the podcast is actually really good. Everyone has personal preferences.

These two are my absolute favorite podcasts, not listed in any particular hierarchical order:

Knitmore Girls

Gigi and Jasmin are mother and daughter. They share their knitting conversations with the world through their podcast. Episode 319 was recently released, which attests to the long time they’ve been podcasting.

I don’t get into the contests (most knitting podcasts have contests and prizes) but their conversations, for me, are very interesting. Gigi, aside from being an avid knitter, also enjoys sewing. Their reviews of books and products are quite candid and honest. They have no fear about telling the truth and if they critique something they do so very kindly and politely.

Knotty Girls Knitcast

Jen and Laura are two friends that talk about their love for knitting and pop culture. They discuss their current projects, what they frogged, what they put in “time out,” and culture — both knitterly and geeky. Jen has been playing around with design and Laura owns her own yarn dying business. These two women are lots of fun to listen to. They have “geek” tastes in television and film, which matches very nicely with my entertainment preferences. They have a sense of humor that matches mine quite perfectly.

I listen to lots of other knitting podcasts, but these are the ones that I listen to straight away when my podcast app informs me there’s a new episode available. If you’re interested, search for them on iTunes or with Google.


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