Book Review: Knit One, Bead Too! by Judith Durant

Knit One, Bead Too by Judith Durant
Storey Publishing, 2009
160 pages

Grade: A+

I bought this wonderful book because I’ve recently become interested in beads and wanted a reference book exclusively dedicated to how to knit with them. I am not disappointed with my purchase, that’s for sure! In fact, I want to finish some projects I have been knitting so I can start something from this book!

Durant begins her book with a chapter about beads and tools. She proceeds to explain, in each of the next five chapters, the primary methods of knitting with beads. At the end of the book comes a pattern for a bag that combines all of the techniques for knitting with beads.

I am a visual learner so this book works great for someone like me. Every beading technique is described in plain English and also illustrated with a good photograph. Every step of the way Durant gives her readers advice on choosing appropriate yarns and how to best combine them with beads.

Aside from providing easy to follow tutorials to learn the techniques for knitting with beads, the author provides original patterns at the end of each chapter. These patterns are AWESOME. I want to make all of them. One of the most interesting aspects of this book is that it does not include patterns of knitted jewelry. Instead, there are patterns for gloves, hats, bags, sweaters, scarves, and home decor items. I agree with Durant’s decision to leave jewelry out of the book and instead provide patterns that incorporate beads into the kinds of things knitters typically make without beads. She truly demonstrates her argument that using beads in knitting provides us with endless possibilities. To really nail that concept home she provides alternative yarns, beads, and colors for each pattern. The alternative combinations are brilliantly photographed.

I recommend this book to any knitter who wants to learn how to knit with beads and wants to dive into these techniques right away with innovative, instructive patterns.


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