‘Tis the Season for Incomplete Knitting Projects

Oh what a week it’s been! I’ve been very busy at my job. If it weren’t for coffee I would be sleep for two months straight!

This time of year always interferes with my knitting. It’s just the way life is when you’re a working stiff. The bad part is that this time of year is supposed to be the biggest knitting time to beat all knitting times. Christmas sweaters, mittens for Christmas, and all kinds of scarves, shawls, etc. are supposed to be waiting under the tree.

And then what happens when a loved one’s birthday is this time of year, too? Especially when it’s a cute little girl who turned five this weekend and it’s your partner’s niece?

Her cardigan with the Hello Kitty buttons is still not finished. 😦 I planned on making this cardigan months ago when I found the buttons at the Creativa craft fair in Madrid. When I discovered these adorable little things I had already received, in a surprise gift box at my knitting club’s annual party, some bright pink wool yarn. When I saw the Hello Kitty buttons I knew that for her fifth birthday this child was going to get a white cardigan with pink trim and Hello Kitty buttons.

Today I had to admit defeat and buy her a toy at the store. The good news is that the cardigan will done in time for Christmas. I have half of it done. No problem! Whew!


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