Crocheted Rag Bags

This past weekend I decided to give crocheting with rags a try. I also wanted to learn how to line a bag. I’ve never actually made a bag for hard use. In other words, a bag for carrying stuff. My dislike of sewing made me totally ignorant about how to line a bag but I knew that if I wanted to make a useful tote, well… it would need to be lined.

And so I found this blog entry:

The author of the blog even includes visual instructions about how to line a bag! Here it is.

I did not use my own rags since I don’t have scraps of fabric lying around the house. Instead, I bought some skeins of pre-made rags. I bought some fabric for the lining at a local shop. I followed the directions in the blog cited above and made two rag bags in one weekend. Since I don’t have a sewing machine I did all the sewing by hand and still, in one weekend, I churned out two lined bags!!! Here they are:

The beige bag with the polka dot lining was my first attempt at crocheting and lining a bag. That one is for me. I’ll use it to carry my knitting to the knitting club. The blue and gray bag is for my other half. 
Lining bags is not difficult and crocheting with rags is a way to get fast results. Bags truly MUST be lined if they’re knitted or crocheted. Knitting and crochet is stretchy. The lining ensures a longer life for the bag.


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