Finished: Crocheted Acrylic Afghan

Quite a while ago I wrote about what to do when you inherit a lot of acrylic yarn.  I mentioned that I was going to use Barbara Walker’s mosaic knitting techniques to make a big afghan.

I was very unhappy with the color combinations. I recall saying that the blanket was going to be an ugly monstrosity and that was fine. Well, as got into the project some more I decided that the horrid color combinations tested even my high tolerance level.

So, I frogged what I had knitted and started looking for some crocheted squares. I found this pattern, called “Circled Granny Square” and began making many squares in different colors. I slip-stitched them together and then made a colorful double-crocheted border for the afghan. The result, after months of crocheting, is this:

I like it much more than how my mosaic blanket was coming along. The bonus: acrylic stash is totally busted. I have no more acrylic yarn in my stash!
I have decided to begin a new mosaic blanket, using a wool blend. The colors go together very nicely because I’ve chosen them at my LYS!


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