A bocadillo, some knitting, and an iPad

It’s almost time for me to hit the streets to kill some two hours’ time. Gotta wait for a bus, ride it for 30 minutes, and wait another hour and a half in another town.

Here is my crappy photographical representation of what I came up with to not be bored while killing time:

I call this still life crapsterpiece “A bocadillo, some knitting, and an iPad.” Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ll take a photography class when I have the money and the time. Until then, enjoy this peek into a part of my work space decorated with items to be placed in a bag and carried around Castile and Leon.

Since the ball of yarn and the iPad are identifiable, the third item must be the bocadillo, right? That’s Spanish for “sandwich made with French-like bread.” I’m setting out in about an hour from now, which means my killing time moment will occur during what we here in Spain call the “merienda” or snack time (if I were British I might call it “tea time”).

Notice how my needles aren’t my favorite KnitPro Symfonies? That’s because I love them. They can stay at home. Knitting for travel and street enjoyment rule: take along needles you don’t care about and leave the “precious” at home.

Another knitting for travel rule: take something along that’s small and already begun.

Ahhhhh…. life in Spain. A snack can be a sub. No one will judge me for gorging on a huge submarine sandwich in public. My sub has salami, provolone cheese, black olives, pickles, onions, green peppers, tomatoes, and olive oil. In New England, where I grew up, we call that an Italian sub. Well, not really, because the Italian sub also has mortadella, but I didn’t have any mortadella on hand, so it’s an almost Italian sub.

Here’s how I plan to kill time on a park bench: 1) knit 30 minutes; 2) take an ergonomically friendly break and eat the bocadillo; 3) knit 30 minutes; 4) read a knitting magazine on the iPad.

By the time I complete steps 1 through 4 I think I’ll be just in time for the meeting I have to attend.

Do I care that my bocadillo is not really what Spaniards eat? Nope. So many Spanish bocadillos are just not exciting. Some are, and I love them, for example: 1) sardines, tuna, and roasted red peppers; 2) tomatoes, Serrano ham, and olive oil; 3) chorizo. Many others are just one ingredient slapped between two slabs of bread. I know, so is the chorizo one, but chorizo has so much flavor that it deserves to stand alone on bread.

I think I’m going to have a wonderful afternoon enjoying the gorgeous, summery Castilian landscape  killing time before my meeting.


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