Summer is for knitting!

At least for me, Summer seems to be my best, most productive knitting season. I think know it’s because I have vacation time.

I’m going to start the summer off by finishing a pair of knee-high sock-like leg warmers I’m designing. The first one came out great (don’t worry, I’ll hang up photos when I provide the pattern for them). The second one is more than halfway done. I came up with these for a friend who likes to wear leg warmers under her clothing. It’s taking me forever to finish them since I’ve had a lot of work to do at my day job. I’m very grateful that she is an extremely friendly, patient person. I hope when she gets them later this month that they will be worth the wait for her. I kind of think they will be. Who doesn’t want some luxurious merino wool leg warmers that are warm and light all at once?

These lovely leg warmers are going to do triple duty. They’re going to get me to write up a pattern for them, they’re going to make a friend happy (I hope!), and they’re going to count as a pair of socks for the Sock 24 group on Ravelry. I’m just going to say they’re footless knee-high socks. So there! 🙂

The leg warmers are, of course, my priority. Then, I plan to finish up some projects that have been sitting in the dark recesses of my knitting basket patiently waiting for me to finish teaching English for the year. I’m pretty sure there’s a pair of mittens in there that needs to be finished, as well as a pair of striped socks I’m making for the Sock 24 KAL. I’m also going to finish a special surprise for someone I’ll reveal later on the blog. I can’t let the cat out of the bag now or it will ruin the surprise! If you want to play a guessing game with me, I’ll give you a hint: it’s a big circle.

And then, finally, I can get going on something I’ve been wanting to make for myself, the Arguyle sweater that came out in Knitty First Fall 2013. It’s not very common to find gansey patterns in mainstream knitting magazines and the gansey happens to be my absolute favorite kind of sweater to make. I picked the wool out for this sweater a year ago. It’s sitting in an airtight plastic box waiting for me to roll it up into balls.


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