Quedada puce-lana anniversary and socks

This weekend was a blast. It was the 7th Anniversary of the Quedada puce-lana, a group of knitters here in a Valladolid, Spain that get together in a café twice a month to knit and share. We had our lunch not far from where we meet to knit together. We laughed a lot. I savored my stewed bull’s tail, a favorite of mine I don’t get to enjoy often, and we all had a lot to talk about.

We continued to proceed with our knitting meet-up at the café down the street. I worked on a sock and enjoyed seeing the variety of projects worked on. Anita, from tiradelovillo.com, her on line yarn shop, brought me my order: a set of size 0 Knitpro Symfonie dpns and two balls of Opal sock yarn. I swapped my needles right away. I’m sold on the Knitpro wooden needles. They’re awesome. My next goal is to replace my current metal dpns with the Knitpro Symfonie ones. After that, I want the interchangeable circular sets. I can’t believe how comfortable they are to use. I bought the size 0s to try them out before buying a whole slew of them. It was love at first knit!


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