Hooray for knitting magazines that come out every month

I’ve been living in Europe for a year and a half and only now have discovered knitting magazines from the UK. I couldn’t resist trying The Knitter and Simply Knitting because on the iPad NewsStand app there is a special offer: Two free issues of each title with no obligation to purchase anything.

I got both with the intention of deciding which one I wanted to subscribe to. I like both so much I can’t decide and I will more than likely keep a subscription for the two magazines. I can’t say no to getting new patterns every month. This is the first time in a long time I’ve opened a magazine and really liked more than two or three patterns.

Both magazines are from the same publishing company but are quite different from each other. 

Simply Knitting has easy patterns mixed with more challenging patterns for experienced knitters. It has a lot of articles to read, crossword puzzle, sudoku, and word search. Solving the puzzles comes with a bonus: readers can be entered to win a prize. I really like this aspect of the magazine. It’s varied, fun to read, and interactive.
The Knitter is very much aimed at more experienced knitters and offers lots of innovative designs. 
The two magazines make certain to include patterns for men as well as some sweaters designed for women but that could be considered “unisex” with some alterations.
I’m really glad the magazines offered free issues to new potential customers. They’ve won me as a subscriber.

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