It’s been almost two months since my last post. What happened? Work!

Work got so busy I barely had time to knit. Now I have been able to balance work and knitting. Also, I’ve had more time (or perhaps I have learned to make time) to think about knitting. My family gave me Amazon gift cards for my birthday and I bought some excellent knitting books for the Kindle. In future posts I’ll be talking more about them.

I shall limit myself, for now, to talking about one of the books I got with my gift card, Knitted Gifts, edited by Ann Budd. The book has a ton of excellent patterns for small projects by top designers. When I saw Nancy Bush’s design for “Ulla’s Scarf” I was like, oh yes! A Christmas gift! The scarf uses a lot of Estonian lace knitting techniques. Here’s my progress on it:

Yes, I made it B&W. Spain is cloudy and foggy these days and the color photo looked awful! To check out the pattern and see other examples of this scarf try Ravelry.

Another project I’ve been working on is a pair of leg warmers for a friend, my own design. She wanted them to be like knee socks, in other words, leg warmers that hold up like socks but sans the foot. Here’s how I’m coming along on this one:

I left the photo in color to prove my point: bad lighting! Notice how it looks purple and pink? It’s actually blue! No amount of Photoshopping helped.
I will post more soon!


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