Whoa! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

It’s been too long since my last post, I know. Suddenly, the academic year happened and the first couple of weeks were intense. I teach English in Spain and I’ve been quite busy getting back into the swing of working after spending the summer doing whatever I wanted to do at whatever time. I am very much enjoying my new students. They’re great people and are excited about learning to speak English.

In my spare time I have indeed been knitting! I have three projects going at once. My priority is a pair of leg warmers for a very good friend who wants some merino luxury wrapped around her legs. I just chose a stitch pattern from a Barbara Walker book and go got going on that. My other priority is to finish the Jay Walker socks I started a month and a half ago.

For fun, I started the Haberdashery Cowl that has just come out in the new Fall issue of Interweave Knits. It’s lots of fun to knit. It’s also nice to see a mosaic pattern published in one of my favorite knitting magazines.

And… well, that’s all for now. I will be posting again soon. I’ll even put up some pictures of my knitting. I got a new camera that I need to learn how to use!


A nice time knitting at the Quedada Puce-lana

Yesterday afternoon I went to the Quedada Puce-lana, a knitting group in Valladolid, Spain that meets twice a month to knit together. The weather was perfect for sitting outside at the Pergola in the city’s Campo Grande, a really beautiful park in the city center.

Every member of this group is just so interesting to talk to and very friendly! We passed around a pattern booklet one of the members brought, checked out each other’s projects and talked about what we were making (my Jaywalker socks got some attention!), and conversed about our favorite yarns and recent finds.

The group has a really cool blog: http://quedadapucelana.blogspot.com.es/

I can’t wait for the next meeting! It’s so much fun to socialize and knit for a couple of hours on the weekend!